Air/water heat pump / reversible 332 - 850 kW | NECS-NR Climaveneta

Air/water heat pump / reversible 332 - 850 kW | NECS-NR Climaveneta
332 - 850 kW | NECS-NR

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Unit description Air-cooled reversible unit with total heat recovery for the simultaneous production of chilled/hot water with hermetic rotary Scroll compressors, with R410A, axial fans, shell and tube heat exchangers and electronic expansion valve. The range is composed by units equipped with four, six and eight compressors in multi-circuit configuration. Version B - Basic CA - Class A of efficiency SL-CA - Super Low noise version, Class A of efficiency Features REFRIGERANT GAS R410A The use of R410A allowed to achive better energy efficiencies with environment full respect (ODP = 0) HOT WATER SUPPLY Production of domestic hot water up to 55°C in both summer and winter operating conditions, offering maximum versatility with respect to different plant engineering solutions. CLASS A EFFICIENCY The full range is also available with the Class A efficiency rating (in heating). NECS-NR/CA and NECS-NR/SL-CA guaranty premium levels of efficiency thanks to the generous sizing of the refrigerant-exchange surface areas and to an accurate control of the fans, available on both standard and low-noise versions. INTEGRATED HYDRONIC MODULE The built-in hydronic module already contains the main water circuit components; it is available with single or twin in-line pump, for achieving both low or high head, available for both plant and recovery circuits (up to 4 pumps).
  • Technology:reversible
  • Type:air/water
Via Sarson 57/c,
Bassano del Grappa (VI)
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