Water/water heat pump / reversible 174 - 801 kW | RECS-W Climaveneta

Water/water heat pump / reversible 174 - 801 kW | RECS-W Climaveneta
174 - 801 kW | RECS-W

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Unit description Indoor heat pump unit for the production of chilled/hot water with semi-hermetic screw compressors optimized for R134a, thermostatic expansion valve, shell and tube condenser and evaporator. Base and supporting structure and panels are of galvanized epoxy powder coated steel with increased thickness. Flexible and reliable unit; it easily adapts itself to different thermal load conditions thanks to the precise thermoregulation. The high performance’s level is achieved thanks to the accurate sizing of all internal components. Version B - Basic Configurations - - basic function D - partial condensing heat recovery function Features VERSATILITY AND EASY INSTALLATION If compared to the solution of a water condensed unit reversible on the hydronic side, these units allows a reduction in the required technical space and, moreover, an appreciable simplification in the plant´s design. INTEGRATED CONDENSATION´S CONTROL A 2 way valve is supplied as standard for the condensing pressure control. For all the applications in which a constant waterflow through the condenser is needed, a 3-way valve option is also available under request. ADAPTABILITY Adaptability at the building’s cooling request thanks to the continuous capacity regulation, assured by sophisticated control’s logic. SILENT OPERATION Extremely silent operation thanks to the accurate unit’s design. Optional integral acoustic enclosure, reduces more the sound level beyond the best on market
  • Technology:reversible
  • Type:water/water
Via Sarson 57/c,
Bassano del Grappa (VI)
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