Air/water heat pump / reversible 3.75 - 4.91 kW | I-KIR-MTD Climaveneta

Air/water heat pump / reversible 3.75 - 4.91 kW | I-KIR-MTD Climaveneta
3.75 - 4.91 kW | I-KIR-MTD

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Unit description Climaveneta´s system is based on an packaged external units with integrated hydronic module and by an internal unit with the electronic regulation. i-KIR heat pumps provide for heating, cooling and domestic hot water production. Particular care is taken for winter mode, that thanks to inverter technology is guaranteed beyond traditional units working limits, water production at 55°C up to -20°C external air. i-KIR untis can be coupled with traditional systems or radiant panels, guaranteeing always very high energy efficiency. Intallation is strongly simplified thanks to the integrated hydronic module. Versions - - Basic Features Internal module complete with elettronic board and relay connection strip. Structure and base in hot galvanised epoxy powder coated steel. High efficiency and low pressure drop stainless steel (AISI 316) water exchangers complete with closed-cell insulation with vapour barrier,antifreeze heating element and differencial pressure switch Hermetic DC brushless inverter driven compressors, equipped with the crankcase heater and thermal protection Electronic expansion valve Finned coils made with copper pipes and aluminium fins with large exchange surface area (100% fully quality tested) Axial electric fan EC in continuous current housed in aerodynamic conveyor profile Electrical resistance modulating antifreeze to the base located between wing and base exchanger to improve and facilitate the flow of water during defrosting Condensate collecting tray . The water circuit comes complete with: Circulator on system side Expansion tank. Safety valve. Pressure gauge. Air vent valve.
  • Type:air/water
  • Technology:reversible
Via Sarson 57/c,
Bassano del Grappa (VI)
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