Air/water heat pump / reversible 199 - 826 kW | FOCS-NR Climaveneta

Air/water heat pump / reversible 199 - 826 kW | FOCS-NR Climaveneta
199 - 826 kW | FOCS-NR

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Unit description Outdoor heat pump unit for the production of chilled/hot water with semi-hermetic screw compressors optimized for R134a, axial-flow fans, external coil with copper tubes and aluminium fines, shell and tubes heat exchangers designed by Climaveneta and thermostatic expansion valve. Base and supporting structure and panels are galvanized epoxy powder coated steel with increased thickness. These units are designed for two-pipes systems and are able to produce hot or cold water and even hot water on an auxiliary circuit when needed for domestic utilities or post heating for air conditioning units. Versions CA - Class A of efficiency LN-CA - Low Noise, Class A of efficiency SL-CA - Super Low noise version, Class A of efficiency XL-CA - eXtra Low noise version, Class A of efficiency XL-CA-E - eXtra Low noise, Class A enhanced Configurations FOCS-NR / - base function Features UNIQUE PROPOSAL Unique proposal: unit designed to satisfy, according to the mode of operation, requirements of cold water, hot water for heating or hot water for domestic use EXTENSIVE RANGE OF OPERATION Unit´s operation guaranteed with external air temperature down to -10°C during winter and up to 46°C during summer. HOT WATER SUPPLY Hot water supply up to 55°C. In winter mode the unit manages hot water production in the plant-side heat exchanger and in the reclaim one, with priority setted by customer, eventually at two different set-points VERSION ´XL-CA-E´ AVAILABLE Exclusive Premium version. Together for the first time, the lowest noise level on the market and the maximum efficiency in each operating mode.
  • Technology:reversible
  • Type:air/water
Via Sarson 57/c,
Bassano del Grappa (VI)
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