Water/water heat pump / reversible 183 - 839 kW | FOCS-WNR Climaveneta

Water/water heat pump / reversible 183 - 839 kW | FOCS-WNR Climaveneta
183 - 839 kW | FOCS-WNR

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Unit description eat pump unit for indoor installation, designed for 2-pipes plants application for summer/winter air conditioning. Unit complete with a section for the condensation heat reclaim: a dedicated heat exchanger produces on request hot water for secondary uses (domestic hot water, air treatment in AHU, ...). Semi-hermetic screw compressor, R134a, shell and tube heat exchangers both, plant-side (primary, working as an evaporator or condenser as a function of unit´s commutation, and secondary, working only as a condenser) and source-side. Frame in polyester-painted galvanized steel. Version - - Basic Features UNIQUE PROPOSAL Unique proposal: unit designed to satisfy, according to the mode of operation, requirements of cold water, hot water for heating or hot water for domestic use ENERGY SAVING Free domestic hot water during summer season. HOT WATER SUPPLY Hot water supply up to 55°C. In winter mode the unit manages hot water production in the plant-side heat exchanger and in the reclaim one, with priority setted by customer, eventually at two different set-points INTEGRATED CONDENSATION´S CONTROL A 2 way valve is supplied as standard for the condensing pressure control. For all the applications in which a constant waterflow through the condenser is needed, a 3-way valve option is also available under request.
  • Type:water/water
  • Technology:reversible
Via Sarson 57/c,
Bassano del Grappa (VI)
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