Air-cooled water chiller / for healthcare facilities 307 - 1543 kW | FOCS2/CA 1502 - 6603 Climaveneta

Air-cooled water chiller / for healthcare facilities 307 - 1543 kW | FOCS2/CA 1502 - 6603 Climaveneta
307 - 1543 kW | FOCS2/CA 1502 - 6603

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Unit description Outdoor unit for the production of chilled water with semi-hermetic screw compressors optimized for R134a, axial-flow fans, condensing coil with copper tubes and aluminium fins, single step shell and tubes evaporator designed by Climaveneta and electronic expansion valve. Base and supporting structure and panels are of galvanized epoxy powder coated steel with increased thickness. Flexible and reliable unit; it easily adapts itself to different thermal load conditions thanks to the precise thermoregulation. The high performance’s level is achieved thanks to the accurate sizing of all internal components. Version CA - Class A of efficiency SL-CA - Super Low noise version, Class A of efficiency CA-E - Premium efficiency version: Class A enhanced SL-CA-E - Super Low noise version, Premium efficiency, Class A enhanced Configurations - - basic function D - partial condensing heat recovery function R - total condensing heat recovery function Features HIGH EFFICIENCY Unit in Class A as per Eurovent. High efficiency for low energy consumption during the operating hours VERSION ´CA-E´ AVAILABLE The version ´CA-E´ is characterized by efficiency beyond the ´Class A´ for Eurovent. The technological choices adopted assure the minimization of operating costs and therefore a quick payback time. EXTREMELY SILENT OPERATION As result of a sistematic design oriented to minimize the noise level, the silenced version units give the best compromise between silence and efficiency on the market.
  • Medical establishment:for healthcare facilities
  • Technology:air-cooled
Via Sarson 57/c,
Bassano del Grappa (VI)
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