Breast Surgery Portfolio

Breast Surgery Portfolio
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One of the first questions a woman may ask once she has been diagnosed with breast cancer is, “When will I get back to live my life as normal as possible?”. So, it is comforting to know that there are systems in place that enable healthcare professionals to help every patient on the road to recovery and normality.


Hologic offers a portfolio that encompasses solutions to improve the patient’s experience. These include breast conserving surgeries, resulting in efficient workflow between radiologists, surgeons, pathologists as well as in the operating theatre. Thanks to the range of breast surgery, single-use devices, localisation and lymph node biopsies are minimally invasive and easy to use. As a result, efficiency increases and confidence levels rise. 


The LOCalizer™ wire-free guidance system helps breast surgeons to deliver the highest level of precision work. By using the miniature radiofrequency identification Tag (RFID), surgeons can easily locate non-palpable breast lesions. Every tag has its own identification number which is displayed on a reader. The surgeon can place the tag in the breast on the day of surgery or even earlier.


The road to recovery is also filled with hope in the form of reconstructive surgery. The BioZorb® is a three-dimensional implantable marker with a spiral and six titanium clips that mark the surgical excision site precisely. The Hologic 3D bio-absorbable markers identify the surgical area, which enable clear visual communication between the surgeon and radiation oncologist. The results of using this biomarker are vast: for at least two years after surgery, the cosmetic outcomes are excellent. Radiation oncologists reported improved accuracy in follow-up procedure. Also, there is minimal scarring after breast conservation therapy as the BioZorb® marked the site.


The Hologic imaging system helps to reduce the time spent under anaesthetic. In turn, it reduces the need for re-excision. The standard of care given to the patient increases in leaps and bounds.


Source: Hologic

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Published on : Sun, 2 May 2021

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Cancer, Breast, portfolio One of the first questions a woman may ask once she has been diagnosed with breast cancer is, “When will I get back to live my life as normal as possibl

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