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Smart Cards, Mobile Telephony and M2M at the Heart of E-Health Services

Smart security technologies (security and respect for private life) are crucial to improving the quality of care and patient comfort, but also... Read more

HP to Build Technology Infrastructure for Next-Generation Digital Hospital in Australia

HP Digital Hospital Solution to be technology foundation for seamless workflow, better patient outcomes   Hewlett-Packard Australia has announced... Read more

E-Health and Equity in the Global Health Communities Workshop

The workshop on E-Health and Equity in the Global Health Communities is an initiative of the eHealth Unit, DG INFSO, European Commission and... Read more

InterSystems Takes Healthcare IT Leadership Position in France

InterSystems Corporation has announced the strategic acquisition of Siemens Health Services (SHS) France from its Siemens parent company. SHS,... Read more

New Patient Monitor Brings Mobility, Convenience and Safety to Hospital Environment

Royal Philips Electronics today announced the global release of IntelliVue MX40, a wearable patient monitor that can be used for the monitoring... Read more

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Like other sectors whose mission depends on network-connected technology, healthcare is in crisis. In addition to the need for confidentiality, people’s lives depend on the integrity of the health information system. Incorrect decisions based on incorrect information could mean the difference between life and death. Finally, the information must be available... Read more

Anna Sort is a qualified nurse, healthcare lecturer and the director of PlayBenefit, a Barcelona-based company which uses gaming to help people heal. What are your key areas of interest and research? Video games, Engagement design, behaviour change, Placebo effect/mind power, willpower and eustress. What are the major challenges in your field? Finding... Read more

What are your key areas of interest and research? My key interests are people, politics, and economics of cybersecurity. I enjoy helping organizational executives understand how to use people powered cybersecurity and digital strategy as a mission, innovation, and productivity driver for their organizations. What are the major challenges in your field? The field... Read more

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Dr. Fiona Kiernan

Competition in the UK National Health Service

Has it Led to the Progress We Hoped For?

 Danielle Bear, RD, MRes

Potential Nutritional Strategies to Reduce Muscle Wasting in Early Critical Illness

This review will briefly discuss the potential role of nutrition and the...

 Claire Church

Pharma Supplement

European Association of Hospital PharmacistsJoan Peppard, President-Elect...

Dr. Gabriel Heras La Calle, MD

Getting Started with a Health Blog

The Internet is full of blogs. They are multi-themed sites, self-managed...

Prof. Jan De Waele, MD, PhD

New Antibiotics for Abdominal Infections: What Can We Expect?

Recently a number of new antibiotics or combinations for complicated ‏...

Dr. Jean Baptiste Lascarrou, MD

Therapeutic Hypothermia for Cardiac Arrest

Targeted temperature management is the key intervention for improving...

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