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Paris--Palo Alto: The International Healthcare Social Media & Web 2.0 Conference

Two Digital Health Conferences Doctors 2.0 & You (May 23-24 Paris, France) and Stanford Medicine X (Sept 28-30, 2012 Stanford, California) launch... Read more


Competition Heats Up: Top Eight Finalists Selected at IT @ Networking Awards 2012

Innovative healthcare IT and medical technology solutions are one step closer to winning the coveted IT @ 2012 trophy and cash prize at the IT... Read more

New "Virtual Liver" Technology Helps Detect Liver Tumours

Scientists and surgeons from France, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland have developed a "virtual liver", using EU research funding, which... Read more

Molnlycke Implements Mobile CRM Application

Since the successful launch of the CRM tool in Europe about 4 years ago, the application has recently been deployed in the U.S. After an initial... Read more

UK Patient Groups Declare Support for Summary Care Record

A year on from a Ministerial review that confirmed the importance of Summary Care Records in supporting urgent and emergency care, patient groups... Read more

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Anna Sort is a qualified nurse, healthcare lecturer and the director of PlayBenefit, a Barcelona-based company which uses gaming to help people heal. What are your key areas of interest and research? Video games, Engagement design, behaviour change, Placebo effect/mind power, willpower and eustress. What are the major challenges in your field? Finding... Read more

What are your key areas of interest and research? My key interests are people, politics, and economics of cybersecurity. I enjoy helping organizational executives understand how to use people powered cybersecurity and digital strategy as a mission, innovation, and productivity driver for their organizations. What are the major challenges in your field? The field... Read more

What are your key areas of interest and research? My major area of interest is to build a community set of tools to improve the interoperability of Health Information System What are the major challenges in your field? Sustainability of such a project project   What is your top management tip? Create an environment of constant learning and development—be... Read more

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Prof. Robert Wears

Guest Editorial

Creating Safer HealthcareHealthcare professionals have long recognised...

Dr. Sungwon Na

Critical Care Medicine in Korea

The Past, The Present and the FutureHistory of Critical Care in Korea and...

 Christopher Paul Wild

Precision in the Fight Against the Global Cancer Problem

Precision in medicine is a popular notion: precision to target an individual,...

Dr. Adrian Wong

Getting Started with Twitter

If you want to know how we practised medicine 5 years ago, read a textbook....

Dr. Gerardo Tusman

Heart-Lung Interactions from the Lung's Perspective

In this article we describe the characteristics of the interaction between...

Prof. Dr. med. Rainer Dziewas

ICU-Related Dysphagia

Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics and TreatmentDue to malnutrition...

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