Dr. Harvey Castro, Healthmanagement.org Editorial board member, a professional and expert in AI and healthcare, is excited to announce his new position as a member of the Ministry of Health (Singapore) Health Regulatory Advisory Panel (MOH RAP). This distinguished role presents a remarkable opportunity to contribute to the future of healthcare regulation, focusing on the integration of technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI) to address key challenges in the healthcare system, particularly those concerning the care of the elderly.


With an ageing population and a need for innovative and sustainable solutions in healthcare, Dr. Castro's commitment to service, listening, and thoughtful contribution will play a pivotal role in developing regulatory frameworks that encourage innovation while prioritising patient safety and quality care.


Dr. Castro expressed his gratitude for this opportunity to make a difference and looks forward to collaborating with peers, innovators, and policymakers. By working together, he believes that they can shape a healthcare system that is more accessible, efficient, and prepared for the future. His focus remains on improving healthcare, leveraging his extensive experience as a physician, entrepreneur, and former CEO of a healthcare system.


As the author of the first book on ChatGPT and Healthcare in 2022, Dr. Castro is passionate about educating others on AI's transformative role in healthcare. His unique blend of experiences in healthcare, physician collaboration, and healthcare management provides invaluable insights that will guide the MOH RAP in fostering an environment that supports the integration of AI technologies in healthcare.


Dr. Castro's journey in healthcare management includes over 20 years of experience, during which he has significantly impacted healthcare systems through advanced management practices. As a strategic advisor for GPT and Healthcare, he aims to integrate healthcare professionals, AI developers, and pioneering AI technologies to advance the future of healthcare.


In his new role, Dr. Castro will focus on orchestrating AI adoption plans, bridging the technology-healthcare divide, empowering physicians, and managing healthcare systems to optimise healthcare delivery. His dedication to educating and motivating others about AI's transformative role in healthcare will undoubtedly contribute to building a healthier and more intelligent world.


Image Credit: Harvey Castro, MD, MBA


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