Improving care and outcomes with Machine Learning

 Improving care and outcomes with Machine Learning

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is supporting machine learning in patient care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) with an academic research grant.


With a range of AWS machine learning services, the Harvard Medical School-affiliated teaching hospital will explore new ways that the technology can enhance clinical care, streamline operations, and eliminate waste.

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The BIDMC has identified areas of inefficiency in hospital management and operations that divert precious resources from patient care and result in sky-high costs to providers, patients, insurers and the state.


BIDMC’s machine learning research seeks to create data-based solutions and processes to address these challenges, be scalable across the healthcare industry, and further enhance patient care.


“We are proud to be a part of the innovation happening in healthcare right now and are keen to support organisations like BIDMC who are leading the way in using machine learning technologies to deliver enhanced, personalised care and improved patient experiences,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Machine Learning at AWS.


The research project aims to address challenges such as decreasing hospitalisations, readmissions and costs through creation of data-based solutions and processes.


The BIDMC has already launched a machine learning project that optimises the schedules of its 41 operating rooms for better patient flow in the inpatient setting.


“Every minute spent on cumbersome clerical tasks and management adds up to millions in lost productivity and directly impacts patient care,” said John Halamka, MD, Executive Director, Health Technology Exploration Center at BIDMC and International Healthcare Innovation Professor at Harvard Medical School. “This machine learning research sponsorship will support our commitment to using new and emerging technologies in healthcare to drive projects that will transform care for patients at BIDMC and around the world.”


The AI project is one in a stream of Silicon Valley healthcare investment initiatives with Google, Apple and Microsoft all targeting the medical industry as well.


Source: AWS 

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Published on : Wed, 6 Mar 2019

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