Dr. Francesco Niglia, PhD, has embarked on a new role as a Member of the Ethical Advisory Board at the prestigious AI-CODE project under Horizon Europe.


The AI-CODE project, an interdisciplinary initiative, aims to revolutionise the landscape of information dissemination by harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies to combat disinformation.


AI-CODE aims to create a new ecosystem of services that empowers media professionals to create trustworthy content through AI interventions, drawing on insights from previous EU-funded projects.Dr. Niglia brings to this pivotal role a wealth of experience garnered over decades of dedicated service in various domains. Currently serving as the Director of the "Responsible Research and Innovation" Unit within the DASIC department at Link Campus University, Dr. Niglia has been instrumental in spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering research ethics, sustainable development, and innovation. His profound understanding of complex systems engineering, coupled with a PhD in the field, underscores his aptitude for navigating multifaceted challenges.


Moreover, as the CEO and Research Director of KOYSLab, Dr. Niglia has been at the vanguard of analyzing the impact of innovation policies and strategies. With a career spanning two decades as a technology transfer consultant, his repertoire extends across diverse domains, encompassing ethics, social innovation, and responsible innovation. Notably, he has championed the development of models for complex systems and ICT solutions tailored for governmental frameworks.


As the Director of the "Responsible Research and Innovation Lab" and an associated researcher at Link Campus University, Dr. Niglia has consistently advocated for the integration of ethical considerations into innovation ecosystems. His research agenda, focusing on the ethical dimensions of innovation, territorial sustainability, and the application of AI and big data in social services, reflects his unwavering commitment to advancing socially responsible technological interventions.


In assuming his new role at the AI-CODE project, Dr. Niglia reaffirms his dedication to promoting ethical AI practices and fostering trust in information dissemination. His appointment is poised to galvanize collaborative efforts towards the realization of a more transparent and trustworthy media landscape, underpinned by the principles of responsible innovation and ethical stewardship.


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