Florian Moser has taken the helm as Vice President Sales & Support Digital Health at Brainlab, Inc. Moser's appointment underscores Brainlab's commitment to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge IT solutions, medical devices, and digital operating room integration.


In his new capacity, Moser will spearhead the development and execution of strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing sales and support services for Brainlab's innovative healthcare solutions. With a focus on leveraging technology to improve patient outcomes, Moser will lead a dedicated team of specialists in steering Brainlab's comprehensive portfolio, which includes advanced edge computing platforms, surgical planning tools, and the integration of artificial intelligence.


Moser brings a wealth of experience to his new role, with a proven track record of success in the medical device sector across both the U.S. and Europe. His leadership will be instrumental in driving customer success through innovative solutions and strategic expertise, ultimately facilitating top-notch care facilitated by advanced tools and insights.


As the conduit between groundbreaking medical technology and practical clinical application, Moser is poised to make a significant impact on healthcare delivery and patient outcomes across hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) throughout North America. His appointment signals a new chapter of growth and innovation for Brainlab, reinforcing its position as a leader in the digital health space.


Image Credit: LinkedIn


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