•Streamlined navigation and workflow deliver clinical productivity benefits for radiologists
•Task managed workflows enhance the delivery of care
•Advanced platform design leverages modern IT technologies to maximize performance and reduce costs
Agfa HealthCare has announced the first two U.S. sales of IMPAX Agility, a brand new imaging platform that unifies the functionalities provided by traditionally disparate RIS, PACS, reporting, 3-D, connectivity and clinical applications. Montgomery General Hospital, Montgomery, West Virginia, and Open Systems Imaging, Palm Desert, California, selected IMPAX Agility to boost their business success by simplifying IT integration efforts and providing a cost-saving image management platform. Both customers have chosen Agfa HealthCare's managed services deployment model due to its reliability, predictability and userfriendliness.   
With Agfa HealthCare's managed service, both IMPAX Agility customers never need to worry about storage hardware availability, maintenance or obsolescence during the term of their contracts with Agfa HealthCare.
A New Paradigm for Image Management.
IMPAX Agility is designed to be much more than a PACS; it is a modern IT platform with an innovative approach to consolidate and simplify IT integration efforts. It provides the functionality of traditionally disparate systems into one platform, lowering the total cost of ownership by requiring less equipment and thus simplifying its management.
"IMPAX Agility will take our radiology department successfully into the next decade, while also decreasing the resource demand on our limited IT department," said Vickie Gay, CEO, Montgomery General Hospital. "IMPAX Agility is the ideal solution, bringing an advanced radiology system with the cost savings of a great IT infrastructure, revolutionsing the way we work and keeping our radiology department performing optimally for efficient patient care delivery," explained Gay.  
Streamlining Imaging Services and IT Operations.
With five locations spread across southern and central California, Open Systems Imaging (OSI) needed an integrated system that would not only streamline key functions like image processing and dictation, but also support the mobile study review and reporting needs of its physicians.  
Whether on a local or wide area network, IMPAX Agility streamlines navigation for radiologists with a dynamic user interface and native diagnostic tools that increase reporting productivity. A powerful workflow engine helps to ensure that users follow the appropriate steps for each procedure and circumstance, from ordering to result distribution, resulting in clear and predictable task management.  For OSI, these capabilities help translate to better report distribution tools, as well as mobile sign-off which is crucial for radiologists working at home or on their Apple iPAD® mobile digital devices.
"Agfa HealthCare has taken the smart approach with the development of IMPAX Agility, and is delivering way more than just a PACS, but a true imaging and IT solution that we can grow with for the next ten years and beyond," said Ken Bishop, CEO, Open Systems Imaging. "By combining PACS, RIS, dictation and more, our radiologists can improve the services they deliver."
"IMPAX Agility is a needed IT transformation to help keep radiology departments performing optimally while reducing their costs at the same time," said Bob Craske, Senior Marketing Manager, Agfa HealthCare U.S. "While the traditional PACS model has served radiology well, it's now time for Agfa HealthCare's IMPAX Agility - a modern IT platform - to be the new model for imaging and healthcare," explained Craske.

16 December 2013

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