How To Address Resource Shortage In Radiology?

How To Address Resource Shortage In Radiology?
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Shortage of skilled manpower is a widespread fact and has indeed not spared radiology. If you are looking into details why radiological manpower is missing, you will find different reasons for it.


· Radiology seems not to be that attractive anymore for young doctors

· Further, radiology itself gets more and more complex and the ongoing specialization within radiology is binding the available resources to mainly larger cities and medical centers such as University Clinics.


As a logical next step, Software providers like medavis are challenged to develop solutions that allow easy collaboration of available resources wherever they are and whenever they are available.

This can be for example :

· Sharing of individual cases to involve specialist,

· Weekend or out of office time slot coverage

· Sharing workload among departments in different locations

So, the goal should be to work towards a virtualized department and to offer smart solutions which enable radiologists to create reports independently from the place of image acquisition.  


During the last years medavis has implemented several projects which are addressing exactly this demand. We developed solutions where it is easily possible to request a reporting service from a specialized radiologist or a pool of radiologists who are on duty within the connected network.

This is done without leaving the standard workflow and is performed within the same user interface so that medical staff does not have to open third party software or web portals. The reporting itself can also be carried out within the known user interface without having to change work environment. All relevant Data which are necessary to assure a high-quality report such as order information, laboratory results and even previous reports can be made available for the reporting radiologist within his standard environment.


All this is implemented with highest security standards and fulfills of course all necessary data protection guidelines and laws.


With this we believe that medavis has taken a major step towards virtualizing the radiological department and offers an essential tool for radiological institutions to address the shortage in skilled manpower.

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Published on : Mon, 11 Jan 2021

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