Oncologic Imaging in the Spotlight – Autumn Meetings

Osophageal cancer, CT scan with contrast, coronal image, credit Wikimedia Commons
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Radiologists with an interest in cancer have a choice of three congresses in the next few weeks, allowing attendees to scan the horizon for what’s coming up and bringing the most cutting-edge developments in technology, cancer imaging and approaches to good practice to the forefront.

European Society of Oncologic Imaging Meeting 11-12 September, Turin, Italy

With the theme of Frontiers in Oncologic Imaging, the meeting promises organ-focused and multidisciplinary sessions as well as a joint session with the Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe (CIRSE) on hot topics in interventional radiology.

Hot topics include Quantitative Imaging, Imaging Biomarkers, Structured Reporting, Tumour Response to Therapy, Hybrid and New Imaging Technologies in Oncology, Early Diagnosis and Prevention (screening), Radiogenomics, Imaging Biobanks
and Imaging for Oncologic Intervention (in association with the European Conference on Interventional Oncology (ECIO). As the evidence for effectiveness of CT for lung cancer screening stacks up, keynote speaker Anand Deveraj will ask if lung cancer screening is ready for prime time.

European Cancer Congress, 25-29 September, Vienna, Austria
The ECC brings together several partner organisations to “provide ideal surroundings for participants to leverage knowledge, promote education and build awareness about oncology – placing the patient at the heart of all our efforts and discussions.”

ECC 2015 imaging highlights include head and neck cancer, a special session on translating innovations in functional imaging into clinical trials and a session on new frontiers in molecular imaging to improve targeting of high risk disease - breast cancer. A joint symposium hosted by ECCO and ASCO looks at new frontiers in imaging in relation to individualised treatment - Using molecular imaging to improve treatment individualisation and the expanding role of molecular imaging in translational research. Delegates will also be able to learn from multidisciplinary tumour boards on lung cancer and prostate cancer.

International Cancer Imaging Society Meeting and 15th Annual Teaching Course, 5-7 October, London, UK
The ICIS meeting and teaching course aims to highlight the role of imaging in the multidisciplinary management of oncology patients and includes interactive teaching, problem-solving, decision-making strategies as well as research presentations.  David Cosgrove will give a keynote lecture on Microbubbles: From cancer diagnosis to theranostics and Heinz-Peter Schlemmer is to lecture on future directions of MR/PET.

Looking to the next five years, delegates will hear about Augmented reality: 3D image-guided surgery, MR LINAC and translating imaging biomarkers to clinical practice.

As the meeting takes place in the British Museum an appropriate highlight is a keynote lecture by Rodney Reznek on Imaging the Ancients, in which he will share his insights on the use of cross-sectional imaging in archaeology.

Hot Topics

The topic of precision medicine, the use of diagnostic tests for better understanding of an individual’s disease for more tailored treatments, takes on considerable significance when the recent actions of the governments in the UK and US are taken into account with the establishment of a centre for personalised medicine in the UK and the announcement of a Precision Medicine Initiative in the United States.

Against this background in state policy, ESOI is presenting sessions on Precision Medicine and Imaging and Precision medicine: What imaging doctors must know with a focus on liquid biopsy, imaging in clinical trials and biomarkers in oncology. The congress will also feature a round table discussion on “the future of oncologic imaging in the era of precision medicine”.

Patient Advocacy

A key part of the drive towards empowering patients is to develop better communication between them and health professionals. This theme of transparency is featured at ESOI and ICIS.

ESOI will host a session on Patient -Radiologist Communication which features subjects such as Improving patient safety and comfort and Improving communication with the patient. ICIS hosts an interactive session on Survivorship: " Imaging after…..", which includes a presentation on Chemo cured the cancer: what about the patient?

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Published on : Tue, 8 Sep 2015

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