ESR Endorses RadiologyAsia 2015

ESR Endorses RadiologyAsia 2015
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SingEx Exhibitions (SingEx) and the Singapore Radiological Society (SRS) have announced a collaboration with the European Society of Radiology (ESR), which will participate in the inaugural RadiologyAsia 2015 Conference. The event, set for 14-16 May in Singapore, will gather academic and private researchers, radiologists and radiographers to discuss the latest academic findings, best clinical practices and latest technological advancement in the field of radiology.

RadiologyAsia 2015 will take place alongside the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Singapore Radiological Society, for which the theme this year is ‘Advancing Radiology in Curing Cancer’.

Through its collaboration with RadiologyAsia, ESR will expose its members to clinical practices and technological applications in the field of Asian radiology and similarly, Asians can glean information from their European colleagues at the event.

“Medical imaging, including x-rays and nuclear medicine has rapidly advanced over the past two decades and has become a crucial tool in the field of oncology," said ESR's Executive Director, Mr. Peter Baierl. "As we move towards globalisation of appropriate use and ordering guidelines, we are pleased that we can share what we have learned in Europe with our Asian counterparts at this inaugural event.”

Dr. Daniel Tan, the organising advisory chairman of RadiologyAsia 2015, commented, “To have ESR’s endorsement of RadiologyAsia at this early stage is very encouraging.” He said the programme has been designed to create a balance between the academic needs of the community and the commercial interests of equipment manufacturers. At the exhibition, delegates will get the opportunity to see the variety of tools and solutions used to deliver cutting edge technology presented in the conference. "ESR’s interest and confidence in RadiologyAsia is an indication that we are achieving that balance,” Dr. Tan noted.

“The partnership between SingEx, the SRS and ESR underscores the importance that an event like RadiologyAsia brings to the healthcare industry, enhancing learning opportunities for healthcare professionals," according to Ms. Whey Whey Ng, Assistant Director (Projects Management) at SingEx Exhibitions.

Source and image credit: Singapore Radiological Society

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Published on : Fri, 1 May 2015

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Cancer, ESR, Radiology, European Society of Radiology, Asia SingEx Exhibitions (SingEx) and the Singapore Radiological Society (SRS) have announced a collaboration with the European Society of Radiology (ESR), which...

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