ECR 2014: Toshiba Introduces a Faster Astelion / Advance Edition

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After the successful introduction of the Astelion series at last year’s ECR, Toshiba is pleased to present the Astelion /Advance Edition with 0.6 s gantry rotation speed at ECR 2014.

The 16-row detector multislice helical CT scanner Astelion /Advance Edition will be available with a speed of 0.6 s per rotation which reduces breath holding time and contrast agent volumes. Faster scanning also provides robust results for a wide range of clinical applications such as Cardiac Calcium Scoring and Lung Volume Analysis by reducing motion artefacts.

A wide range of advanced clinical applications make this compact scanner a powerful workhorse. Simplified operation with Navi mode guides novice operators through every step of an examination. Studies can be performed with confidence in any location at any time of the day and night.

Toshiba’s unique adaptive iterative dose reduction technology AIDR 3D is a standard feature on all Astelion scanners. This sophisticated reconstruction algorithm can also be found in Toshiba’s premium level CT systems such as Aquilion ONE /ViSION EDITION.

AIDR 3D provides dose reduction of up to 75% and can be applied to all clinical scans making CT examinations safer for all patients. AIDR 3D technology allows high-quality images to be acquired with lower X-ray exposure than conventional reconstruction techniques. Consequently, Astelion achieves the equivalent performance as much higher specified generators and X-ray tubes while maintaining excellent image quality.

The design of the Astelion’s advanced reconstruction algorithms and electrical systems minimises heat dissipation. An innovative standby mode reduces the use of cooling fans. As a result, power consumption is considerably reduced.

The Astelion series CT systems represent Toshiba’s ongoing commitment to the patient’s wellbeing and to a cleaner and greener environment.

7 March 2014

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Published on : Fri, 7 Mar 2014

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ECR, CT, Imaging, X-ray, Dose, Toshiba, CT scans, ECR 2014 After the successful introduction of the Astelion series at last year’s ECR, Toshiba is pleased to present the Astelion /Advance Edition with 0.6 s gantr

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