ECR 2014: Agfa HealthCare Showcases 'Simple & Smart' Design CR systems

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Compact CR systems allow smooth entry to digital, offering excellent MUSICA image quality
  • Complete range of CR systems meets the needs of cost- and quality-conscious healthcare facilities of any size.
  • Small size, light weight and robust design are ideal for mobile applications.
  • Convenient and fast workflow, with user-controllable speed and resolution.
Agfa HealthCare showcases a complete line of affordable, tabletop computed radiography (CR) systems at ECR 2014. All systems are designed to fit the needs of cost- and quality-conscious healthcare facilities of any size, including those with decentralised general radiography environments, small clinics, lower volume hospitals, diagnostic centers, private practices, orthopaedic and chiropractic offices and veterinary hospitals and practices.
Broad range of applications
The line of CR systems uses a simple & smart design to create very compact and affordable digital X-ray units. They cover a broad range of digital imaging applications, suitable for general radiography including full leg/full spine (FLFS) and dental panoramic applications.

The fast image preview builds up in real time, for a convenient and quick workflow. Cost-efficient installation and maintenance provide a low total cost of ownership. The systems are ideal for mobile applications, thanks to their compactness, light weight and robust design.
The CR systems are available with a complete configuration that includes solutions for hardcopy printing (DRYSTAR) and softcopy archiving (IMPAX and SE).
Complete range meets diverse needs:
  • The CR 10-X is an affordable, lower-volume, tabletop CR system, specially designed to offer a cost-effective entry into CR that doesn't compromise on image quality. With its small size, the CR 10-X is equally suited for mobile applications.
  • The tabletop CR 12-X has a modular yet robust design, and offers a perfect balance between speed and resolution. It is suitable for general radiography and ideal for those needing Full Leg/Full Spine. 
  • The high-volume CR 15-X tabletop digitiser offers versatility and flexibility, and lets users define, adapt and optimise their own workflows by choosing their throughput versus resolution for each exam. Offering 4 different cassette sizes
MUSICA, for superior image quality and a smooth workflow
All the systems in the range offer high image quality empowered by the next generation MUSICA intelligent image processing. MUSICA analyses each image and automatically applies the appropriate image enhancement parameters independent of the exam type, body part and dose variations, also providing very fast image acquisition and a smooth workflow.
"We are pleased and proud with our complete CR product line offering a smooth entry to the digital world, which is fully in line with our commitment to offering the highest image quality in our CR solutions," comments Louis Kuitenbrouwer, Vice President Imaging at Agfa HealthCare. "We have about 46,000 CR installations around the world. This success is built upon our focus on a complete and innovative solution portfolio. We support our customers' success by offering systems that meet the specific needs of any healthcare facility."

7 March 2014

Published on : Fri, 7 Mar 2014

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ECR, Imaging, Digital-radiography, Agfa, CR, digital imaging, ECR 2014 Compact CR systems allow smooth entry to digital, offering excellent MUSICA image quality<br> &nbsp;&nbsp; Complete range of CR systems meets the needs of

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