Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD 4.0 Extends Access to Non-DICOM Data

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Seamlessly image-enabling any healthcare enterprise

Calgary Scientific Inc., a company known for creating transformative technology for the medical industry and beyond, has made it even easier for healthcare enterprises to retrieve and review any patient image, and diagnose from mobile devices in a completely secure manner with the introduction of ResolutionMD 4.0.  

This announcement follows the company’s recent news on gaining FDA clearance for all modalities and CFDA certification for diagnosis on mobile devices in China.

“Mobile solutions can empower caregivers, enhance efficiency and improve patient care, but only if healthcare data remains protected at all times,” said Sid Nair, vice president/general manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences, Dell Services. “With Calgary Scientific’s ResolutionMD 4.0 as part of the cloud-based Dell Unified Clinical Archive, physicians can securely view images and render a diagnosis from any web or mobile device across the enterprise or even outside the walls of the hospital.”

The new version of ResolutionMD enables broader access to valuable information in a completely secure fashion by:
  • Extending the view of a patient record across disparate systems and geographies by providing additional support for non-DICOM data types
  • Adding to the range of reporting systems supported, giving access to the complete patient record that is required to make informed clinical decisions
  • Providing administrators with better control over how physicians access patient records in an enterprise, increasing security while allowing easy access to relevant information

“We are proud to release the latest version of ResolutionMD with better access to patient records, reporting and additional security improvements that contribute to safe, mobile patient care,” said Pierre Lemire, President and CTO of Calgary Scientific.  “The release of ResolutionMD 4.0 in combination with our global accreditations, give our partners the leading technology they need to make virtual healthcare an industry standard."

Source: Calgary Scientific

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Published on : Thu, 29 May 2014

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