A new report from Sectra shows oncologists’ views on the service they receive from radiology and how they would rate different changes. Better communication stands out as key in taking cancer care to the next level.

As the number and complexity of cancer cases increase, radiology spends more and more time providing service to oncologists. This makes the collaboration between radiologists and oncologists a crucial step when it comes to increasing efficiency in cancer care.

To deliver timely and actionable reports and professional participation in multi-disciplinary team meetings are essential factors to improving cancer care. But what is most important according to oncologists?

The report How can radiology improve its service to oncologists? is based on a survey of 50 oncologists. At the top of their wish list of improvements are:

  1. Rich reports that include images with measurements, annotations, etc.
  2. Delivering a summary report for complex cases with multiple imaging exams.
  3. Imaged-based lesion tracking to show serial growth/treatment response.

Sectra at RSNA 2016

Take the opportunity to visit Sectra at RSNA booth #6113 and learn more about Sectra’s view of patient-centered cancer care, and how Sectra supports radiology in exceeding the expectations of referring physicians and their patients.

Source & Image Credit : Sectra

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