International medical imaging IT company Sectra announces a new distribution agreement with BioVitrum to provide Sectra’s digital pathology solution to the Russian market. The solution is built on the same platform as Sectra’s radiology solution, which is already available in Russia through a previous distribution agreement. This joint platform for integrated diagnostics improves collaboration between radiology and pathology, thereby increasing efficiency in cancer care.

BioVitrum is a nationwide distributor and manufacturer of medical and laboratory equipment in Russia and has approximately 250 oncology centers as customers.

“Russian healthcare providers are starting to digitize pathology making this an interesting market for us. BioVitrum’s previous experience and network in pathology makes them an important business partner for us. Also, through this addition to our distribution network we can now deliver a solution for integrated diagnostics to this market,” says Marie Ekström Trägårdh, President at Sectra Imaging IT Solutions.

About Sectra’s digital pathology solution 
Sectra provides a complete solution for primary diagnostics in pathology, including archiving and an advanced review workstation. The solution allows pathologists to make their diagnoses and carry out reporting with higher precision and less time spent per case, thereby improving cancer care. Sectra’s high-end review workstation provides pathologists with the right environment and tools to perform their work in a digital system and to reduce the pain-points associated with time-consuming and labor-intensive manual workflow. Sectra’s digital pathology solution also allows seamless sharing of digital slides and patient data in multi-hospital environments, enhancing the workflows around consultations, frozen sections and second opinions.

The solution is part of Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution which also supports radiology, cardiology, mammography, orthopaedics and other medical imaging. Being built on the same technical platform, Sectra’s solution enables efficient integrated diagnostic workflows, supporting improved collaboration between radiology and pathology, two key players in efficient cancer care.

Source & Image Credit: Sectra

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BioVitrum,Sectra , medical IT , digital pathology , integrated diagnostics Sectra announces a new distribution agreement with BioVitrum to provide Sectra’s digital pathology solution to the Russian market.