Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging. The Perfect Vision of AI







Artificial Intelligence is the hottest topic in radiology right now, and the ESR and ESOR are excited to announce their first event on Artificial Intelligence, in Barcelona, Spain, on April 5-6, 2019 entitled:

„Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging.
The Perfect Vision of AI.
An ESR Premium Event brought to you by ESOR.”

The main focuses of this ESR/ESOR AI event are the basic technical principles of AI and how they are applied to diagnostic imaging and clinical applications. The basic concepts of machine and deep learning will be explored, more information about the type and consistency of imaging data processed by AI tools will be unveiled, and the main potential and emerging clinical applications of this technology will also be covered. The event features two special sessions which will bring a European flavour to it. The first of these sessions is a panel discussion about the future of radiology and radiologists in the era of AI. The second session is open to SME companies in the field of AI to present themselves, showcasing their product and the advantages of AI in different scenarios of their choice.

Programme is available here!

Registration is available here!

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