Zoom On: Prof. Hans Flaatten, ICU Editorial Board Member

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Professor Hans Flaatten has been Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at the University of Bergen since 2004, and he is a valued member of the Editorial Board of ICU Management. We asked him our 7 questions:
1. What are your key areas of interest and research?
Outcome after intensive care, quality issues in intensive care, education and training in intensive care.
2. What are the major challenges in your field?
To work for a common training programme in intensive care in Europe and for ICM as an official speciality/sub-speciality within UEMS (Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes – European Union of Medical Specialists).
3. What is your top management tip?
Flat structure in the ICU.
4. What would you single out as a career highlight?
Appointed as Professor in Intensive Care (2004) and Chair of the Division of Professional Development (DPD) in ESICM 2008-10.
5. If you had not chosen this career path you would have become a…?
Environmental scientist. 
6. What are your personal interests outside of work?
7. Your favourite quote?
"Medicine used to be simple, ineffective and relatively safe. It is now complex, effective and potentially dangerous." Sir Cyril Chantler
Prof. Flaatten says that early on in his medical career he developed  a particular interest in intensive care medicine, after qualifying as an anaesthesologist in Norway in 1985. He has worked in intensive care since 1990, taking up leadership of an academic general ICU at Haukeland University Hospital in 1994 before becoming professor in 2004. He currently sits on the advisory board for the Norwegian Cause of Death Registry of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Since 2010 he has been Chair of the Clinical Training Committee, Division of Professional Development (DPD) of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), which is developing educational courses in intensive care. 
His research interests include outcomes after critical illness and intensive care. He has been active in the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM) since 1996, first as Norwegian Council Member, and from 2008-2010 as Chair of the DPD. In Norway he was active in creating the Norwegian Intensive Care Registry (NIR) [www.intensivregister.no], established in 1999, which is now an official Norwegian Quality Registry. From August 2013 to January 2014 he spent a sabbatical at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a visiting scholar. 
Prof. Flaatten is on the Editorial Board of Acta Anesthesiologica Scandinavica, and has authored more than 100 papers [PubMed link] He co-edited with Rui Moreno and Andrew Rhodes the 2010 publication Organisation and management of intensive care, published by ESICM. 
He has received an honorary award from the Norwegian Association of Anaesthesiologists and the Helse Vest Kvalitetspris (Quality Award Health Region Vest).

Further reading
Flaatten H (2011/12) Uneven distribution of resources in the ICU. ICU Management, 11(4): 26-7.
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Published on : Tue, 14 Oct 2014

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Zoom On, Hans Flaatten Zoom On: Prof. Hans Flaaatten, ICU Management Editorial Board

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