Renal Replacement Therapy: Practical Recommendations

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Trials on renal replacement therapy have conflicting results and therefore the evidence on RRT implementation is unclear. In addition, when the procedure is rarely carried out, clinical staff lack the experience. For these reasons, recommendations on renal replacement therapy have been drawn up by an expert panel from the French Intensive Care Society (SRLF) with the French Society of Anesthesia Intensive Care (SFAR), the French Group for Pediatric Intensive Care Emergencies (GFRUP) and the French Dialysis Society (SFD). The recommendations are published in Annals of Intensive Care.

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The authors note that the recommendations are “expert opinions based on the rules of good practice.” They aim to provide solid guidance on how to improve the implementation of RRT.

The recommendations cover:

  1. criteria for RRT initiation
  2. technical aspects (access routes, membranes, anticoagulation, reverse osmosis water)
  3. practical aspects (choice of the method, peritoneal dialysis, dialysis dose, adjustments)
  4. safety (procedures and training, dialysis catheter management, extracorporeal circuit set-up).

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Published on : Tue, 2 Feb 2016

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Renal Replacement Therapy, RRT Renal Replacement Therapy recommendations from a French expert group. They aim to provide solid guidance on how to improve the implementation of RRT.

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