ESICM LIVES 2012 Award Winners and Hot Topics

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ESICM LIVES 2012, held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 13—17 October, was a professional and social spectacle that brought an array of new and innovative topics to the forefront of the intensive care field. Among these were award winning projects and Hot Topics Sessions that provided long-awaited results and highlighted areas requiring continued research.




The following awards were presented on Wednesday 17 October by Dr. Richard Beale, Chair of the Research Committee:


Young Investigator Award

Dr. Lieuwe Bos, The Netherlands

“Headspace Analysis of airway fluid samples for the prediction of ventilator acquired pneumonia”


Clinical Research Award

Dr. Dominique Benoit, Belgium

“Disproportionate care in the ICU: Impact for the patient, the family, healthcare providers and the society”


Clinical Research Award

Dr. Benoit Misset, France

“Prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia by continuous tracheal cuff pressure control systems: The randomised control NoLeak Study”


Basic Science Award

Dr. Rik Bezemar, The Netherlands

“Renal Microvascular and mitochondrial oxygenation assessed quantitatively during the development of sepsis-induced acute kidney injury and fluid therapy”


Basic Science Award

Dr. Arnaldo Santos Oviedo, Spain

“Haemodynamic effect of lung function optimisation in acute respiratory distress syndrome (HEARDS)


Established Investigator Award

Dr. Can Ince, The Netherlands

“Use of contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) to identify early microcirculatory alterations associated with the development of AKI in critically ill patients”


Levi Montalcini Biomedical Science Award

Miss Danielle Bear, United Kingdom

“Effect of continuous haemofiltration on essential nutrients in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury”


The Bernhard Dräger Award for Advanced Treatment of Acute Respiratory Failure

Dr. Massimo Cressoni, Italy

“Stress raisers in acute respiratory distress syndrome”


The Nestlé Award for Practice Improvement in ICU Nutrition

Dr. Olav Rooyackers, Sweden

“Can ICU patients utilise extra amino acids to build new proteins?”


The Stoutenbeek Award

Dr. Martin Balik, Czech Republic

“Tolerance and metabolic effects of a novel lactate buffered dialysis and substitution fluid for citrate anticoagulated continuous renal replacement therapy”


The International Sepsis Forum Research Award

Dr. Jérôme Morel, France

“Effects of statins on mitochondrial respiration and outcome during experimental sepsis”


Hot Topics


Following the awards presentations, Hot Topics Sessions served as the grand finale of the conference, including a detailed summary of six papers:


Greet Van den Berghe, Belgium

“Tight glycaemic control in children influences neurocognitive function after ICU”


Sangeeta Mehta, Canada

“Daily sedation holidays versus protocolised sedation: Any diference?”


Claude Guérin, France

“The PROSEVA trial: Effect of prone positioning in patients with severe and persistent ARDS”


Luciano Gattinoni, Italy

“Albumin for volume replacement in severe sepsis. The ALBIOS trial”


John Myburgh, Australia

“Fluid resuscitation with 6% HES (130/0.4) versus normal saline. The CHEST trial”


Rupert Pearce, United Kingdom

“Standards of care and clinical outcomes for patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery. The EuSOS study”

Published on : Wed, 31 Oct 2012

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<p class="MsoNormal">ESICM LIVES 2012, held in Lisbon, Portugal, from 13—17 October, was a professional and social spectacle that brought an array of

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