ICU Management & Practice, Volume 22 - Issue 1, 2022

Join our panellists on March 1 at 16:00 CET as they discuss the prevalence and types of medical errors in the ICU, the psychological impact of these errors, and strategies to prevent them and improve the safety of critically ill patients.


Jean-Louis Vincent 


ICU Management & Practice


Department of Intensive Care

Erasme Hospital

Université libre de Bruxelles

Brussels, Belgium

Panellists & Topics

Rima Styra

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

University of Toronto

Ontario, Canada

Topic: Strategies to Cope with the Psychological Impact of Medical Errors

Khara M Sauro

Assistant Professor

Departments of Community Health Sciences, Surgery and Oncology

O’Brien Institute for Public Health

Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute

University of Calgary

Alberta, Canada

Topic: Exploring Trends in Adverse Events in ICUs

Robert Shulman

Lead Pharmacist

Critical Care

UCLH NHS Foundation Trust

Pharmacy Department


University College Hospital

Honorary Associate Professor

UCL School of Pharmacy

Department of Practice and


London, UK

Topic:Processes to Reduce Medication Errors in the ICU

Debbie Brinker

Clinical Practice Specialist

Practice Excellence Department

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Spokane WA, USA

Topic:Role of nurses and patient safety

Sonia Pajares Martínez


Intensive Care Unit

Hospital Universitario del Henares

Coslada-Madrid, Spain

Topic: Transfer of information in the ICU and patient safety

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