Patient Management Platform Combines Clinically Proven Continuous Remote Monitoring, Full-Featured Video-Based Virtual Consultations, EMR Connectivity, and More

Masimo has announced a major expansion of Masimo SafetyNet® that brings robust, secure video conferencing to the remote patient management and connectivity platform to offer a comprehensive telehealth and telemonitoring solution—and for patients, a better “hospital at home” experience. Now, Masimo SafetyNet allows clinicians and hospitals to schedule and conduct multi-way audio- and video-based virtual appointments with at-home patients through the Masimo SafetyNet smartphone app—while still viewing continuous and spot-check vital signs and other physiological data. By combining the power of advanced remote patient monitoring, including Masimo’s clinically proven SET® pulse oximetry technology, with telemedicine capabilities like virtual visits and the benefits of Masimo’s Hospital Automation™ platform, such as full two-way integration with hospital electronic medical records (EMRs), Masimo SafetyNet enables use of telehealth: the ability to provide full-featured remote care with virtual face-to-face meetings while simultaneously accessing a patient’s continuous physiological data.

Masimo has integrated TODA, a robust audio and video transcoding technology from LMLabs, to expand Masimo SafetyNet beyond its original remote patient management capabilities. The integrated video solution dynamically adjusts bit rates based on the available bandwidth to transcode live, secure audio and video and ensure the highest quality reproduction with dramatically less required bandwidth. For clinicians, this means they get the best quality virtual visit combined with real-time patient data, no matter where the patient is. Not only are clinicians able to communicate with their patients, but also collaborate with them with the ability to share their screen, launch a digital whiteboard, chat via in-app secure messaging, or invite additional clinicians for more expertise.

For patients, Masimo SafetyNet is now the easiest way to connect with their doctors and care team without having to download additional apps or send in their physiological measurements separately. Their virtual visits are conducted through the same smartphone app that collects their oxygen saturation, pulse rate, respiration rate, temperature, and other data from tetherless Masimo Radius PPG™ and Radius Tº™ sensors. Through the new virtual whiteboard, providers can educate and share additional information as part of the discussion, enriching patient-clinician interactions and allowing them to be tailored to meet each patient’s health and communication needs. The integrated messaging feature offers yet another way for patients to stay in touch with their care teams, when a full video consultation is not needed.

Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo, said, “Masimo SafetyNet has been helping clinicians save and improve patients’ lives at home and in the hospital, around the world, since the start of the pandemic. With the addition of advanced telehealth capabilities, our already powerful remote monitoring solution becomes an even more comprehensive platform.”

Designed to help providers remotely manage patient care, Masimo SafetyNet is a secure, scalable, cloud-based patient management platform that features clinical-grade spot-checking and continuous measurements, CarePrograms (customizable digital care plans), remote patient surveillance, and flexible, automated, two-way integration with hospital EMR systems – now augmented with video telemedicine. First developed for use during the COVID pandemic, for lower-acuity patients recovering or quarantining at home, Masimo SafetyNet has expanded use to post-surgical patients, patients with a variety of chronic conditions, and to patients with episodic illnesses, including fever. The platform helps seamlessly extend care from the hospital to the home (or any other location outside of the hospital or doctor’s office) by collecting monitoring data from the fingertip and chest-worn sensors, relayed to the patient’s smartphone with Bluetooth®, and from there to the secure Masimo SafetyNet cloud. Using the web-based clinician portal, doctors and other clinicians can keep an eye on patients’ physiological progress from afar, intervening if a patient’s condition appears to worsen, and now with the ability to conduct comprehensive virtual visits as well.

Source: Masimo

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Masimo,SafetyNet® ,remote patient managemen,telehealth,telemonitoring solution Masimo has announced a major expansion of Masimo SafetyNet® that brings robust, secure video conferencing to the remote patient management and connectivity platform to offer a comprehensive telehealth and telemonitoring solution—and for patients, a better