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Communication in the Time of Corona - The Rise of the Virtual Clinic

2020 28 Sep

In this article, we discuss some aspects of note with regard to virtual clinics, including their proposed benefits and associated challenges. We end by providing some tips for healthcare providers who are beginning to incorporate virtual consultation into their practice. Key Points  COVID-19 crisis has heralded unprecedented change... Read more

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FDA Focusses on Digital Health with New Centre of Excellence

2020 23 Sep

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, health systems around the world have seen the surge in digital health. This new trend, however, has brought new challenges, one of which is how these relatively new activities are regulated. Aiming to make digital health tools safer and more accessible, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched... Read more

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eHealth Tools for Asthma Care in Adolescents

2020 17 Aug

Asthma is a chronic lung disease prevalent among adolescents, yet most interventions have focused on the care of child and adult sufferers. A new systematic review (van Buul et al. 2020) has assessed effectiveness of the few mobile apps/online tools developed for asthma self-management in adolescents who, as noted by the review team, have different... Read more

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Not Everyone Is Ready for Telehealth

2020 14 Aug

With pandemic-induced lockdowns and travel curbs, telemedicine offers a safe and convenient way to meet the healthcare needs of patients without leaving their home. However, in the U.S., new research   shows many older adults (65 years and above) – who are more vulnerable to COVID-19 infection – are not ready for video visits mainly due to inexperience... Read more

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Chatbot Use in Mental Health: Decisive Factors

2020 06 Jul

Fully automated conversational agents (CAs), also known as bots or chatbots, now commonly assist consumers when doing online shopping and banking transactions, as well as in making doctors' appointments.   You might also like: Healthcare Data: Creating a Learning Healthcare Ecosystem   A new area where intelligent chatbots can... Read more

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The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Women´s Health and Pregnancy Care

2020 23 Jun

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic women are often deprived of necessary health care. The research on women’s health in this context is scarce and might often be compromised, but also widely distributed in the media. The International Academy of Perinatal Medicine, therefore, is adamant to uphold the best scientific standards. Without a doubt,... Read more

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Telemedicine Post COVID-19

2020 11 May

Summary: Renowned surgeon and healthcare futurist Rafael Grossman speaks to on telehealth, robotic-assisted surgery and a new healthcare mindset in a post COVID-19 world. What are your most important impressions in terms of attitudes towards and implemen- tation of telemedicine in the present COVID-19 environment?... Read more

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China Sees COVID-19 Telehealth Expansion

2020 08 Apr

With the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19), hospitals have been stretched to capacity, with some providers unable to attend to patients and instead requesting them to seek care in other hospitals.     You might also like: How To Manage a Remote Healthcare Team   The city of Wuhan in mainland China, the epicentre of the COVID-19... Read more

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COVID-19: Effect on IT Purchasing Decisions

2020 07 Apr

The flux of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients is pushing hospitals and other medical facilities to unprecedented limits. Such difficult circumstances are seen delaying current and future healthcare IT implementations.     For instance, limitations in IT-staff capacity are a major factor impacting IT purchases. Clinical informaticists –... Read more

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How To Manage a Remote Healthcare Team

2020 23 Mar

The advent of cloud computing, combined with the availability of digital and communications tools, has allowed more healthcare-related tasks to be done remotely. Appointment scheduling, patient assessment and triage, record keeping, and medical research are some of the things remote staff can handle, provided such work arrangements are carefully... Read more