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China Sees COVID-19 Telehealth Expansion

2020 08 Apr

With the rapidly spreading coronavirus disease (COVID-19), hospitals have been stretched to capacity, with some providers unable to attend to patients and instead requesting them to seek care in other hospitals.     You might also like: How To Manage a Remote Healthcare Team   The city of Wuhan in mainland China, the epicentre of the COVID-19... Read more

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COVID-19: Effect on IT Purchasing Decisions

2020 07 Apr

The flux of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients is pushing hospitals and other medical facilities to unprecedented limits. Such difficult circumstances are seen delaying current and future healthcare IT implementations.     For instance, limitations in IT-staff capacity are a major factor impacting IT purchases. Clinical informaticists –... Read more

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How To Manage a Remote Healthcare Team

2020 23 Mar

The advent of cloud computing, combined with the availability of digital and communications tools, has allowed more healthcare-related tasks to be done remotely. Appointment scheduling, patient assessment and triage, record keeping, and medical research are some of the things remote staff can handle, provided such work arrangements are carefully... Read more

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Restrictions on Tele-Health Lifted to Ease COVID-19 Strain

2020 19 Mar

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at the U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it is lifting penalties for healthcare providers that use telehealth during the COVID-19 crisis that violates HIPAA regulations.   The lift of restrictions is enabling healthcare providers to have a wider reach to patients at a time when... Read more

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COVID-19 Will Revolutionise Imaging Practices

2020 17 Mar

The journal   Radiology  has published expert recommendations on radiology preparedness during the COVID-19 public health crisis. The article outlines how to deal with COVID-19 cases and suggests ways in which radiology departments can help contain spread of infection spread to protect hospital staff and patients in other departments.... Read more

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Efficient Ways to Reduce Readmissions

2020 04 Mar

A team of U.S. researchers identified the most effective hospital-based methods for reducing readmission rates, such as telehealth programmes and increased nursing involvement among others.   You may also like : Hospital Readmissions and Machine Learning   In line with the U.S. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, since October... Read more

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Bright Ideas

2020 29 Jan rounds up exciting developments that have all the characteristics of game-changers for healthcare. What do you think? AI Breast Cancer Diagnosis Matches Two Doctors A study suggested that AI diagnoses breast cancer from mammograms more accurately than radiologists.A computer, specially designed and trained by... Read more

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Reimagined Hospitals Infographic

2020 29 Jan

What will the Reimagined Hospital look like?  Read more

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Cybersecurity: Key Best Practices for Protecting Health Data

2019 19 Nov

With digital technology now widely used in healthcare, from doctor appointment scheduling apps to telehealth systems, risks of patient data being hacked have increased immensely. As such, the concept of "patient wellbeing" has evolved to include data privacy and protection.   This change is not surprising considering that, given recent high-profile cyberattacks –notably... Read more

Executive Health Management

2020: Another Year of Radical Change in Healthcare

2019 13 Nov

As we approach the New Year, it is time for forecasts and predictions. This is not easy, as the healthcare landscape today is changing faster than ever, driven by technological advancements and accompanying social, financial and regulatory shifts. The Editors-in-Chief for shared their views on what to look out for in 2020 to... Read more