The European Health Property Network (EuHPN) puts efficiency of healthcare buildings in focus at its annual workshop event taking place in Brussels next week.


Through two days of plenary sessions and interactive debate, delegates concentrate on finding practical value in evaluation: learning from the past, understanding how to assess and use evidence, and scenario-building for the future.


“The pressures of designing strategies to anticipate changing health needs and to make better use of scarce financial resources have driven technological innovation, new methodologies in planning, designing and restructuring hospitals facilities, and sophisticated tools to model the future of healthcare systems,” an EuHPN spokesperson said.


At its workshop event, EuHPN aims to tackle the simple but essential question on the need to create the right environments for patients. Strategies, methodologies and tools successful in linking health facility design with health and healthcare need will be in the spotlight.


The EuHPN workshop will be structured around a number of topics linked to these themes.


A mix of top quality speakers are engaging with participants from a wide range of healthcare infrastructure backgrounds to explore this topic in depth. Topics include ‘Evaluation and the Patient Voice’, ‘Evaluation methodologies and tools’, ‘Evaluating design’, ‘New technologies’, ‘Sustainable healthcare buildings: meeting environmental and social challenges’ and ‘Strategic planning and large-scale change’.


The European Health Property Network 2015 Workshop takes place in Brussels from November 16 to 18.


Source and Image Credit: European Health Property Network

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