What Aviation and Netflix Can Teach Healthcare

Healthcare and aviation lessons
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Healthcare operations of the future resemble air traffic control, says MedCity News, as the sector gravitates towards system-wide collaboration and predictive analytics.

Referring to the aviation industry’s swift and effective reform when faced with obstacles, LEAN methodologist, Mohan Giridharadas refers to how John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York increased its flight capacity ten-fold from a few hundred daily services in the 1960s because of more sophisticated scheduling.

In the same way, a hospital does not have to expand its premises in order to treat a significant rise in patients by simply expanding hospitals' care capabilities.

“Today, two major shifts are putting pressure on hospitals to rethink how they deliver care: (a) increased demand for care from the Affordable Care Act and the growing number of people with chronic illnesses and (b) the move toward value-based care. These shifts have big implications across the board, but most importantly in operations. Hospitals are under constant pressure to do more with less,” writes Giridharadas.

The comparison of the two sectors goes further. “The aviation industry has diligently invested in the required technology, systems and processes to monitor, measure, collaborate and orchestrate. Similarly, hospitals are also beginning to invest in the technology, systems and processes to maximise patient access at each “node” and to streamline the linkages across nodes.'

Experts have also pointed to the predictive model used by movie and TV show streamer, Netflix for a customer –focused strategy.


Source: MedCity News

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Published on : Mon, 4 Apr 2016

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