HealthManagement, Volume 18 - Issue 5, 2018


Excellence in Performance with New Advanced Features: HERA W10

At this year’s ISUOG, Samsung is showcasing two new ultrasound systems HERA W10 and HERA I10, based on a new premium platform HERA. It is a new premium platform which stands for Hyper-aperture Enhanced Reconstruction Architecture, incorporating Samsung’s new Crystal Architecture™to provide advanced technology and capabilities with a new level of image quality. Samsung’s new platform combines Crystal Architecture™with an advanced transducer technology called S-Vue™. It allows an 11-fold increase in processing power and 10 times the data transfer speed of Samsung’s previous system. It is expected to facilitate the examination of high-risk pregnancies and early diagnosis of abnormal fetus conditions. Crystal Architecture™ offers a superior image with single crystal probe technology S-Vue™, a new beamforming technology CrystalBeam™and an advanced post-processing engine CrystalLive™.

Among its features, ShadowHDR™ provides a shadow suppressed image especially applicable to highly attenuated regions such as fetal head and spine.It also has new exclusive features such as MV-Flow™, which offers a detailed view of blood flow in relation to surrounding tissue or pathology with enhanced spatial resolution and temporal resolution. LumiFlow™ provides three-dimensional visualization of continuous and volumic vascular image. 


HERA W10 has efficientworkflow and intuitive ergonomics that meet every need. It has a wide control panel moving range from forward to back and left to right, with swivel mechanism. Touch Customization feature allows users to easily change the position of the button on the touchscreen for each mode and features. 


In addition to HERA W10, Samsung is unveiling a prototype of HERA I10, which shares the same platform as HERA W10, but with a completely new ergonomic redesign. HERA I10 is a next-generation chair-type ultrasound system with a design that is entirely different from the industry norm that meets the unique needs of Ob/Gyn professionals. HERA I10 provides a comfortable experience for both the doctor and the patient by addressing the discomfort caused by the spacing and the position of the clinicians and eliminating the need for the patient to shift the body, as it automatically adjusts for proper positioning. It also reduces the force required to move the control panel back and forth and the resistance force on the wrist. 


A new ultrasound solution SonoSync™ will also be introduced, which allows healthcare professionals to see real-time ultrasound scanning images in remote places[1]. SonoSync™ provides two-way communications through voice chatting and marking, improving accessibility. It can be installed on various devices such as smartphones, laptops and desktop PCs, allowing multilocation real-time training and education among healthcare professionals. Its Multiview feature also increases productivity by viewing multiple image scans in one screen. 

[1]SonoSync™ may not be used for diagnostic purposes at all times. Its availability may vary in different countries, according to regulatory approvals.

*Devices and Features mentioned in this article may not be commercially available in all countries. Their availability may vary in different countries, according to regulatory approvals.