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#ECR2019: Paediatric CEUS: a fantastic tool

2019 06 Mar

Dr.  Paul Sidhu , professor of Imaging Sciences and Consultant Radiologist King’s College London , UK, and President Elect of the European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology ( EFSUMB ) presented the Luigi Oliva Honorary Lecture at ECR2019 .   Professor Sidhu opened his lecture saying “I fully appreciate that ultrasound... Read more

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2018 22 Sep

Excellence in Performance with New Advanced Features:  HERA  W10 At this year’s ISUOG, Samsung is showcasing two new ultrasound systems HERA W10 and HERA I10, based on a new premium platform HERA. It is a new premium platform which stands for Hyper-aperture Enhanced Reconstruction Architecture, incorporating Samsung’s new Crystal... Read more

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Improving pneumonia diagnosis in Ugandan children

2018 09 Jul

Pneumonia is a major cause of childhood mortality and morbidity globally – particularly in resource-poor environments – and diagnosis of pneumonia can be complex. The current gold standard diagnostic technique is a chest X-ray, looking for the presence or absence of areas of consolidation on the lungs. However, this obviously exposes the patient to... Read more

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Samsung Introduces New Premium Ultrasonic Diagnosis Device 'RS85'

2017 20 Nov

With enhanced image quality, usability, and convenience, the RS85 is optimized for use in large hospitals around the world   Samsung Medison, a global medical equipment company and an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, today introduced the RS85, a new premium ultrasonic diagnosis device that provides enhanced image quality, usability,... Read more

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Use of Ultrasound in Children With Abdominal Trauma

2017 13 Jun

There is significant evidence that the routine use of sonography in emergency departments can improve care for adults when evaluating them for possible abdominal injuries. However, researchers at UC Davis Medical Center have found that there have been no significant improvements in care for paediatric trauma patients. Findings are published in the... Read more

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MyLab™Eight: New Flagship Product in Esaote MyLab™ Ultrasound Family

2016 02 Mar

As a leading player in the diagnostic ultrasound market, Esaote has more than 30 years of experience in developing and fine-tuning ultrasound systems and probes for a broad range of clinical segments.   MyLab™ ultrasound solutions are designed to meet the most demanding clinical needs in many applications: from abdominal to vascular, including musculoskeletal,... Read more

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Automatic Detect Fetal Median Sagittal Plane Using Smart MSP

2016 20 Jan

1.1 Background Ultrasound is a standard way to evaluate fetal anatomies. For the examination of fetal brain, one of the most important anatomical views is median sagittal plane (MSP).This plane can provide unique information of intracranial structures such as corpus callosum (CC) and cerebellar vermis (CV). Several studies [1~6] have proved that... Read more

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The Role of a Protocol Management Feature in Improving Ultrasound Lab Efficiency

2016 20 Jan

Objectives: To demonstrate a reduction in keystrokes and ultrasound exam time by utilizing the Mindray DC-8 iWorks TM and iWorksOB TM  protocol manager with the iNSert TM feature for documenting  pathology. Methods:   Three sonographers performed carotid exams, abdominal exams and thyroid exams using manual annotations and measurements... Read more

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Hi-tech Imaging Pushing Up Thyroid Cancer Rates

2015 11 Sep

Increased detection of low-risk cancers through the use of high-tech imaging is driving up thyroid cancer rates, according to a Mayo Clinic study published in the journal Thyroid . Researchers found that the number of new cases of thyroid cancer nearly doubled over the past decade, with nearly 30 percent of these recent cases diagnosed when clinicians... Read more

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Ultrasound Technology Made to Measure

2015 02 Feb

Scientists at Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have developed a multichannel ultrasound platform that uses a modular configuration so that it can be adapted to a set of applications that are entirely different from each other. This innovation means researchers can now cover a wide range of applications, from sonar systems to medical ultrasound technologies and... Read more