HealthManagement, Volume 19 - Issue 1, 2019

Blockchain. What diverse reactions the mention of this technology gets both within and without the healthcare setting. There are those who are convinced that it’s going to transform not only healthcare but society as well. Others see it as a hyped-up technology beset with limitations which has nothing constructive to offer the healthcare sector – or, at least, for many years to come. 

The truth probably lies somewhere in between. The application of healthcare Blockchain is not a ‘black and white’ proposition. It depends on what we are trying to achieve and to whom that achievement is a priority. Who wants improved data security? What about healthcare transaction transparency? Let’s not forget the power a patient could gain through having control of their health data. And what about the cost of implementing Blockchain in terms of energy and disruption? 

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It’s controversial and it’s not going to go away any time soon. This is why is passionate about examining the potential of Blockchain in healthcare head-on, with views from esteemed experts in the field. In our first journal of 2019, we look at the myths and facts about Blockchain technology. We examine the potential of tokenomics for healthcare players, weigh in with CISOs and their front line perspectives on the tech, look at data privacy and compliance and, of course, cover the financial power Blockchain could give patients with their data. 

It’s all exciting food for thought and we hope, after reading Unblocking the Chain, you’ll have gained new insights into what Blockchain could mean for healthcare. 

As always, for a taste of innovation, turn to Winning Practices where we put hospital sustainability, the latest cardiology devices, mHealth for seniors and patient safety in Imaging processes in the spotlight. We hope you’re inspired and motivated by what you read in these pages. Happy 2019! May it be a successful year for healthcare