HealthManagement, Volume 14 - Issue 4, 2014

Klas Radiology Dose Monitoring Solutions 2014

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KLAS Research

Orem, UT





Awareness of radiation dose is a key concern for radiologists and patients on both sides of the Atlantic. A number of dose monitoring solutions are available from vendors. But what informs healthcare providers’ purchase decisions and how do they intend to use them? KLAS has issued a report Radiology Dose Monitoring Solutions 2014: Provider Strategies in an Evolving Market.


The KLAS report is based on the opinions of 100 healthcare providers, chosen randomly, of which 83 are looking to purchase a dose monitoring solution.


16 vendors offer dose monitoring solutions (alphabetical order):


• Agfa Healthcare

• Bayer (Radimetrics)

• Bracco (PACSHealth partnership)

• DR Systems

• GE Healthcare

• Imalogix

• Infinitt

• McKesson ( Bayer & PACSHealth partnership)

• Novorad ( PACSHealth partnership)

• Radiance

• PACSHealth

• Philips (Bayer partnership)

• Scannerside

• Sectra

• Siemens (Bayer partnership)


The healthcare providers surveyed predominantly had Bayer and GE Healthcare ‘top of mind’. They had either considered or already purchased from these vendors. Bayer had the greater share of solutions already purchased.


Purchasing Criteria

Healthcare providers consider functionality, integration, price tag and company recognition and company size.


Low Awareness of Vendor Offerings

From the sample, it would appear that PACS/RIS vendors are not communicating well about their dose monitoring offerings. Some healthcare providers were not considering a particular dose monitoring solution offered by a vendor they already had a relationship with. 45% of the providers surveyed were not aware of any vendor offering apart from their top three choices.


Other Findings

All the healthcare providers surveyed planned to monitor CT dose. Only two planned to monitor dose for all modalities.


The full report Radiology Dose Monitoring Solutions 2014: Provider Strategies in an Evolving Market is available from KLAS Research,


About KLAS Research

KLAS works with over 30,000 people in 5,000 hospitals and nearly 3,000 ambulatory organisations. KLAS sources its information predominantly from the United States. KLAS conducts just under 30,000 interviews a year. Provider interviews are conducted at director level and above. Each respondent answers a standard set of questions that require a numeric answer (one-tonine scale) or a yes/no answer. All evaluations are followed up with a confidential interview, which allows detailed follow-up on scores.

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