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Executive Health Management

2021 04 Nov

In our world live 7.8 billion people. Pharma only focuses on cancer treatments for 1.6 billion people. How can the other 6.2 billion people hold no interest for pharma? Even from a commercial perspective, it is unwise to neglect these people. And don’t say that there is no profit possible in low- and middle-income countries. Pharma can turn a profit...Read more

Executive Health Management

2021 28 Sep

In September of this year, our group of international patient advocates and scholar-activists had a congress at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. We had several good discussions about prevention, breast cancer prevention, and early diagnostics and prevention of HPV-related cancers. Mostly, we discussed cervical cancer but learned...Read more

IMAGING Management

2021 05 Apr

Autism spectrum disorders encompass a wide range of symptoms, which are often diagnosed too late to start early childhood treatment. To celebrate World Autism Awareness Day (2 April 2021), there is promising news based on research done in the laboratory of Rasha Makkia, at the University of Mary Washington, Virginia.   Traditionally, autism is diagnosed...Read more

IMAGING Management

2017 21 Mar

The observed increase in the number of abstracts regarding radiation dose reduction in the interventional radiology community over the past 10 years has not mirrored the increased volume seen within diagnostic radiology, suggesting that increased education and discussion about this topic may be warranted, according to a review published in the journal...Read more

Executive Health Management

2015 27 Feb

Rare Disease Day is observed on the final day of February each year. What began as a European event has become a worldwide campaign, with thousands of events taking place in dozens of countries. This year, the theme is “Living with a Rare Disease”, which recognises the millions of family members and friends supporting patients with rare diseases. The...Read more

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2014 04 Dec

A survey of primary care physicians in California, 10 months after enactment of state breast density legislation, found that nearly half of the primary care physicians who responded were not aware of breast density legislation, according to Kathleen Khong, MD, from the University of California Davis, who presented the results at the Radiological Society...Read more

Health Management

2014 08 Nov

KLAS Research Orem, UT USA +1-800-920-4109 @KLASresearch   Awareness of radiation dose is a key concern for radiologists and patients on both sides of the Atlantic. A number of dose monitoring solutions are available from vendors. But what informs healthcare providers’ purchase decisions and how do they...Read more