HealthManagement, Volume 16 - Issue 1, 2016's Most Clicked Stories

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Has Evidence-Based Medicine Gone Too Far?

Rigid adherence to evidence-based medicine does not serve healthcare well, according to the authors of a review published in Health Research Policy and Systems. The tools that are suitable for discovery are unsuitable when it comes to implementation in healthcare services, they suggest. See more at

High-Rise Building Residents have Low Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates

A Canadian study has found that survival rates from cardiac arrest decrease the higher up the building a person lives. The study is published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Recommendations include improving the accessibility of automated external defibrillators and placing them on building floors, lobbies and inside elevators; giving paramedics a universal elevator key; and finding ways to alert building security that 911-initiated first responders are on their way. See more at:

How Clean is Your Keyboard?

Bugs may be lurking where you might not expect them – in keyboards, mice and other parts of the clinical computer workstation, according to a study from Australia. Let’s hope you are reading this on a tablet or phone? See more at

Harnessing Motivation to Change Doctor Behaviour

Motivated physicians play an important role in providing high-quality healthcare. As such, policy makers and hospital leaders are continually looking for ways to optimise physician behaviour and ensure better care delivery. What's needed is to find the right mix of physician motivators to improve efficiency and productivity, according to a Viewpoint article published in JAMA. See more at

Is Radiology Entering a Dark Age?

What do the threats to radiology from low recruitment of entrants to radiology in the United States, computer-determined / computer-aided detection and liquid biopsy mean for the profession? Professor Stephen Baker presented a cautionary tale at the 2015 Management in Radiology annual meeting. See more at

Imaging for Chest Pain - New Recommendations

The American College of Cardiology and American College of Radiology have released new recommendations for diagnosing chest pain in the emergency department. The document outlines appropriate use of diagnostic imaging in 20 fundamental clinical scenarios for emergency imaging for chest pain. See more at

4 Lessons for Radiology from Management Consultancy

As management consultancy has developed to become big business, the profession does have lessons for radiologists, according to an article in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. And the thorough performance reviews and high value professional development available to management consultants should be top of the list, argue the authors. See more at

Battle Against Health Data Hacks Gains Momentum

Two health bodies have joined forces to fight a rise in healthcare IT cybersecurity risks. The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) and the National Health Information Sharing and Analysis Center (NH-ISA C) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. Lee Barrett, executive director of EHNA C, said, “With the dedicated focus of our collaborative teams, NH -ISA C and EHNA C look to make great strides in effective awareness and prevention tactics to minimise the crippling impact of these cybersecurity attacks.”

'Secret' to Cause of Higher Weekend Death Toll?

A study published in Emergency Medicine Journal shows that patients admitted in medical emergencies during the weekend are usually older and more dependent as compared to patients admitted on other days of the week. This could explain the high death toll of patients admitted in emergency on weekends. See more at

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