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Porter and Teisberg introduced value-based healthcare (VBHC) in their seminal 2006 book, Redefining Health Care. At the time, several sceptics raised questions about the evidence and practicality of its prescriptions. One reviewer noted, “There are few data to support their concepts. … no one has tried anything like the approaches they suggest.” A prominent healthcare economist described it as a “u

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Promoting Management and Leadership in Healthcare Imaging EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Prof. Lluís Donoso Bach Hospital Clinic – University of Barcelona, Spain HONORARY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Prof. Iain McCall UK (Retired) EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS Prof. Stephen Baker Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, U.S. Prof. Hans Blickman University of Rochester Medical Center, U.S. Prof. Georg Bongartz University of Basel,


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HealthManagement.org is excited to introduce our new Editor-in-Chief for Healthcare IT. Christian Lovis, MD, MPH, FACMI, has taken over the role from Christian Marolt who has stepped into the position of Executive Director at HealthManagement.org. Lovis is head of the Division of Medical Information Sciences, University Hospitals of Geneva and Full Professor of clinical informatics, University of Genev

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Every week HealthManagement.org publishes top healthcare management, leadership and best practice news of the week in dedicated newsletters. We know you’re busy, so we do all the work and pick the best three stories to send you. Read on for a variety of topics that piqued record interest recently. Will HIT Cure Healthcare? A chief architect of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is sceptical that HIT is


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GM85:Moving digital X-ray with Samsung's technology Get your Quote Samsung Electronics' newly launched GM85, a premium mobile digital radiography system, provides advanced mobility, maximized user convenience and a high image quality. Its ultra-compact design with 555mm narrow width and 349kg lightweight allow easy access around tight spaces, even in elevators. When moving the system in the hospita

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At HealthManagement.org, we use congress sessions as an opportunity to educate our Twitter followers. Twitter is more than just another social media platform. It enables users to transmit real-time information and it has changed how we receive and send out data. The internet has annihilated distances and places. We are in different countries at different moments, yet we ca

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The chief information officer (CIO)—also known as the chief digital officer (CDO), chief information digital officer (CIDO) or “the IT guy”—can be a difficult title to inhabit, precisely because it is such a new and developing role. If you join an organisation as an accountant people know what to expect, because they have been around for thousands of years, but ma

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Why Executive Presence is Compulsory for Highly-Qualified Healthcare Professionals Today, healthcare professionals routinely receive executive appointments, achieve C-Suite status and join the elite ranks of Boards of Directors. These highly qualified professionals from multiple disciplines carry authority, experience and, often, prestigious reputations. Exceptionally well educated, they appear to have th

Cover Story: Value-Based Healthcare

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Around the world, value-based care delivery is gaining adherents (New Zealand Ministry of Health 2016; King’s Health Partners 2016). Improving value—health outcomes that matter to patients for the cost of delivering those outcomes—is now widely recognised as a critical objective of health care reform. Since the publication of Redefining health care (Porter and Teisberg 2006), the concept of value has

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Patient-centered care is becoming a major topic in healthcare. Many initiatives have begun focusing their care around patients and their medical conditions. This requires focusing on patient value (Porter and Teisberg 2006). When focusing on value for patients, a few challenges may arise. Firstly, the meaning of value for patients varies widely among stakeholders in healthcare. Secondly, not all patients r

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Globally Comparing Outcomes for Pulmonary Sarcoidosis Pulmonologists have started comparing treatment outcomes for pulmonary sarcoidosis patients among hospitals internationally. Participating hospitals collect, exchange and discuss their outcomes with the aim to identify best practices. The study was initiated by Prof. Dr. Jan Grutters, pulmonologist at St. Antonius Hospital in the Netherlands. An intern

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Value-based healthcare (VBHC) starts with the patient and uses patient-oriented outcomes to improve care. Not everything can be expressed in figures: psychological and sociological factors play a role as well. The medical-industrial complex does not always benefit from VBHC, which is the reason why the different interests are not always advantageous to the patient. With an approach that starts with the pat

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What does value-based healthcare and value-based radiology mean to you as a Radiology Director? Value–based healthcare as a whole is an issue beyond the radiology department. For the time being, in Germany, it is more of a general trend. The insurance and the reimbursement systems haven’t really implemented the value-based reimbursement of services. For me, it’s more something that we want to move

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As the United States moves to value-based healthcare, how should radiology concentrate on delivering better value, both at the individual and organisational level? Radiology across the world is facing the same challenges. There was a time, before digitised films, picture archive and communication systems (PACS) and computers to view the images, when the images were printed out as hard copies. If clinic

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Introduction Meetbaar Beter (En: Measurably Better) is a doctor-driven and patient-focused initiative with strong scientific roots that aims to improve the transparency and quality of cardiovascular care in the Netherlands. Meetbaar Beter has become an international best practice in the implementation of value-based healthcare (VBHC). The project started as an initiative of two hospitals, and by now 19

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Is value in cardiology well understood? When we consider value we are focused on improving quality and lowering costs. In cardiology we have a long history in the development and implementation of quality measures. The American College of Cardiology (ACC) has been a leader in the development of quality measures, practice guidelines and appropriate use criteria. On the cost side there are opportunities w

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Healthcare organizations do a phenomenal job. Today, an increasing number of diseases are treated successfully and people enjoy a better quality of life even into old age. Yet, while much is being done to discover new ways to improve patients' lives, we now see radical changes to structures, incentives, and processes within healthcare to sustain provision for our inhabitant-rich planet. Gone are the day

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Aging Populations and Cuts in Public Healthcare Funding are Driving new Levels of Competitive Pressure As global populations continue to age and governments continue to cut back on public healthcare funding, the ability to strengthen clinical capabilities, patient outcomes, and process efficiency is rapidly becoming the battleground on which competitive strategies are being fought. Find out what can be l

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Healthcare service providers face significant challenges in attracting patients and retaining qualified staff. The most obvious way to outshine one’s competitors is to offer superior clinical capabilities, but such innovations can seem prohibitively expensive. Read about seven strategies that hospital systems can employ to advance their clinical capabilities, respond to the evolving challenges of healthc

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What is the current situation for Canadians living in remote communities who need an ultrasound scan? Are there any mobile services, or are they expected to travel? Approximately 20% of the Canadian population live in rural and remote communities with limited access to imaging due to lack of radiologists, technologists and infrastructure in these communities. Sonography is unique in that it is an operat

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3D printing will most likely transform the medical field as it presents a multitude of new opportunities from visualisation of complex anatomy, building training models or templates for challenging procedures to patient-specific implants. A variety of disciplines work with 3D printing and various regular use cases have been identified. Since the late 1980s, craniomaxillofacial (CMF) surgeons have been usin

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The value and importance of multidisciplinary teams in breast cancer was demonstrated at the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) congress in Paris in October 2016, when oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and surgeons spoke at a session on neoadjuvant chemotherapy Rationale for Neoadjuvant Treatment by Suzette Delaloge & Fabienne Thibault Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC): the expected be

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The main goal of this research was to quantify scatter radiation exposure from mobile x-ray examinations. The simulation consisted of reproducing the technical conditions for the chest anteroposterior (AP) examination in supine and semi-supine positions as well as for the abdomen tangential projection, using a full body anthropomorphic phantom and an x-ray detector. For distances above 1m, the national dos

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It can be said that the diagnostic imaging sector in Cyprus could observe constant growth in the coming years despite the negative impacts of the economic crisis given no changes in the healthcare scene. That view, coupled with the universal and constant demand for improved diagnostic tools, creates premise for reviewing the current market of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging (ADI) comprised of MRI and CT in Cyp

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How do we help people to improve their health after a heart event? Current guidelines recommend that people with heart disease attend a programme of cardiac rehabilitation (European Society of Cardiology [ESC] 2016). High-quality evidence shows that attendance at cardiac rehabilitation decreases the likelihood of a further cardiac event or death, and improves quality of life (Taylor et al. 2015). The preci

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Hardly a day goes by without some new revelation of an information technology mess in the U.S. - whether nuclear weapons updated with floppy disks to needless deaths from medical errors, many of which are caused by preventable interoperability communication errors. According to a report released to Congress, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has found that las


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(even more so than under Obamacare) Now approaching 20% of gross domestic product (GDP), healthcare is a crucial economic concern, while it remains politically tenuous. Americans are troubled as to what lies ahead under Trump, matched by despair as the Republicans seek to dismantle most of Obama’s healthcare achievements. U.S. healthcare faces major uncertainties in the near future. What happens this year

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Editor-in-Chief Imaging, HealthManagement.org Professor of Radiology , University of Barcelona Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value Management Tip: Delegation! It is always worth investing time and resources in helping members of the department to be able to resolve issues as much as possible in their positions. The full Zoom On interview with Lluís Donos

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Editor-in-Chief Cardiology, HealthManagement.org Department Head and Chair of Cardiology, Westgerman Heart and Vascular Center, University Hospital Essen Talk to your people Career Highlight: Becoming Chair of Cardiology at the Westgerman Heart and Vascular Center at the University of Essen, Germany in August 2015. The full Zoom On interview with Tienush Rassaf and more healthcare

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Editor-in-Chief, ICU Management & Practice Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, University of Brussels Our health is our most precious good and helping people whose health is damaged or at stake is the highest privilege on earth Management Tip: Make everybody happy… and make sure they can take their responsibilities without excessive reliance on your opinion. Buddha said, “Do not bel

Christian Marolt, Exective Director, HealthManagement,Zoom On,Secretary-General ,European Assocciation of Healthcare IT Managers

Executive Director, HealthManagement.org Secretary-General of the European Association of Healthcare It Managers Don’t speed too fast as you might miss the crucial turn Career highlight: My latest appointment as Executive Director of HealthManagement; this will allow me to further drive quality and excellence in healthcare. The full Zoom On interview with Christian Marolt and more

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