If You Build It, Will They Come? design technology in healthcare,

On the first day of a new project, I often discover that many of my colleagues in healthcare haven’t worked with designers before, which is why I’m introduced as “an IT guy.” While I was initially startled to be stereotyped as “IT ”, I have come to realise that IT is exactly the right place for a designer to be.

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Promoting Management and Leadership in Healthcare Imaging EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Prof. Lluís Donoso Bach Hospital Clinic – University of Barcelona, Spain HONORARY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Prof. Iain McCall UK (Retired) EDITORIAL BOARD MEMBERS Prof. Stephen Baker Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, U.S. Prof. Hans Blickman University of Rochester Medical Center, U.S. Prof. Georg Bongartz U


Informatics Drives Radiology Today – Interview with Hassen Gharbi, Tunisia, paediatric radiologist, ECR2016, Guy Frija

Hassen A. Gharbi from Tunisia was recognised at ECR 2016 in Vienna for being “the first paediatric radiologist in northern Africa” receiving the honorary membership exactly 50 years since he graduated from France. In his brief acceptance speech, Dr Gharbi praised members of the European Society of Radiology for their support all these years, in particular former ESR pres

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Prognosis Negative, cybersecurity, ransom ware attacks, malware, hackers in the healthcare sector,

THE HEALTH SECTOR’S CYBER -HYGIENE EPIDEMIC Nietzsche said, “All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity”. Unfortunately, for the health sector the issues of ransomware, malware and hackers must worsen before things improve. This is not a sadistic estimation; rather, it is a prediction that

Breast Cancer Screening Accuracy, mammogram, false-positive recall, missed cancer, NHS, JAMA

Does Changing The Order Of Second Mammograms Reduce Detection? A study in the UK, where two film readers independently evaluate each mammogram for signs of cancer, has found that changing the order of examination between two sets of readings did not result in any significant difference in detecting breast cancer.

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Portable Ultrasound for Heart Failure, cardiac nurses

Ultrasound Exam Changed Treatment in 30 of 119 Cases Cardiac nurses in Norway trained in the use of handheld pocket ultrasound devices have improved diuretic dosing in patients by calculating fluid retention both in the pleural cavities (between the two membranes surrounding the lungs) and the inferior vena cava of heart failure patients.

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Leadership and Management in Cardiovascular Medicine, health economics, talent management, ethics and regulations, medical technologies

During the last fifty years, cardiovascular medicine has remarkably advanced by continuously contributing both in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and their diagnostic and therapeutic management. Given the increase in the quality of life and survival rate of cardiovascular patients, it has been recogn

Leading and Learning in the Real World, management competency, NHS, dilemma, practical solutions

Leadership is a generic term, so when we talk about leaders in the NHS we need to be clear about who and what we are talking about and to avoid making absolute distinctions between leaders and managers. How should current and future leaders equip themselves to meet the burgeoning challenges facing the NHS?

Is Your Leadership Style One Size Fits None? motivation, recognise strengths

What if you walked into your favourite coffee shop one day and discovered that you couldn't order your usual "customised" coffee? You'd be served caffeinated black coffee or nothing at all. Many industry leaders recognise that their customers are demanding customised experiences; after all, you can customise everything from your computer to your morning cup of coffee. But wh


Ultrasound Guides the Way in Stuttgart, liposuction, lipoedema, Sonosite

CLEARLY SEE WHAT TO EXPECT DURING AN OPERATION Dr Konstantin Feise, a dermatologist and phlebologist working in aesthetic medicine, provides sclerotherapy, catheter-based laser surgery and diagnostic investigations on venous systems, for patients in and around Stuttgart, Germany. He uses point-of-care ultrasound to help get a firm picture of

The Affidea MR Excellence Programme, MRI, imaging metrics, protocol optimisation

Unification, Optimisation and Analytics for Service Improvement The Problem With MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI ) is not only one of the most complex parts of the diagnostic chain, it is also one of the most expensive. Obtaining excellent anatomical and functional images is time consuming and requires high

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How Design Can Improve the Healthcare Experience, reducing cost of violence in A&E, NHS, Design Council, space demonstrates integrated care model

Design Council’s founding purpose was to elevate the UK’s industrial design standards in goods manufacturing to support Britain’s economic recovery. Now, after 70 years, much of what we do is centred on how design can help to improve the health and wellbeing of people in the UK and the wider world.

The Creative Promise of Design Thinking, innovation, inspiration

You’re much more imaginative than you think, but your workplace — which needs your very best ideas — may be driving the creativity right out of you. Big businesses can be the worst offenders, demanding a level of predictability and efficiency that is good for today’s bottom line but bad for tomorrow’

Sustainability in Hospital Design, operation and maintenance, sustainability, Zulekha Hospitals Group, UAE

AWARD-WINNING ZULEKHA HOSPITALS OFFERS INSIGHTS INTO SUCCESSFUL PROJECT MANAGEMENT One of the crucial elements in ensuring building sustainability is a fully developed Operation and Maintenance (O&M) plan. It comprises a set of planned activities that encompass not only technical aspects but also managerial, social, financial and institutio

Simulating Stress in Hospital Workflow, simulation, A&E department, device-based, role-based, model-based, therapeutic and diagnostic

COMPUTER MODEL LOOKS AT ER FUNCTIONS, EVEN BEFORE IT’S BUILT With the cost of building a good hospital estimated at around $1 million per bed, it makes sense to test out new layout ideas before any actual construction gets underway. As a new hospital is an incredibly expensive

Hospital Readmissions and Machine Learning, Business Understanding, Data Understanding, Data Preparation, Modelling, evaluation, deployment

The need to improve the efficiency of the healthcare services has emerged over recent decades and, especially, during the last few years with the economic and financial crisis, developed countries have been suffering The ageing population, the sector most affected by chronic diseases, is seeking better results

Design for Imaging, facilities guidelines, hybrid modalities

‘Making It Work’ vs. ‘Making It Fit’ When it comes to design and construction, understanding a hospital’s ongoing needs is “the single most essential piece”. That is why siting imaging equipment often gets left to the last consideration, because the technical criteria have more objective answers. So, although ‘making it fit’

Designing a Hospital Cardiology Outreach Service

The cardiology team at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS ‏Foundation Trust successfully designed and implemented ‏an outreach service for heart failure patients ‏in non-cardiology wards (National Institute for Health and ‏Care Excellence 2014a). The service was required as cardiologists ‏care for around 18-25 percent of heart failure patients, while ‏75-78 perc

Redesigning Cardiovascular Service Line, Performance Excellence ‏Alignment and Knowledge (PEAK)

THE IMPORTANCE OF CULTURE When Minnesota Heart merged with University of ‏Minnesota Physicians, the cardiovascular service ‏line was branded and redesigned, which involved ‏integration of services across the academic medical centre ‏and community hospitals and clinics. HealthManagement.org spoke to Rebecca Stepan, who was Director for Clinical ‏Quality at the time

Designing a Specialist Cardiologist Service for Rural Australia, cardiology mobile clinic

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia. However, people living in rural and remote Australia are 44 percent more likely to die of heart disease than people living in urban areas. (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2011). Brisbane cardiologist, Rolf Gomes, decided to do something about this disparity by equipping a mobile cardiac service to tour rural Queensl

Supply Chain Management Success Story, streamline costs, product standardisation

Canadian Supply Chain Management Association Offers New Take on Standardising Costs and Processes Persuading surgeons to recognise the benefits of supply chain management in the operating room is no easy task. But Martin Montanti has done it. As vice-president for corporate services at Southern Health-Sant

Design Infographic, healthcare

Best Practice

How Comics Play a Role in Medicine

Jorge Muniz is an internal medicine physician assistant, illustrator, and author of Medcomic: The Most Entertaining Way to Study Medicine. Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get into illustrating and then connect that to medicine? Although a career in the arts was something I thought abou

European Institute for Innovation Through Health Data (i-HD), clinical research, i~HD

A new not-for-profit organisation, the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD), held its inaugural conference and public launch in March this year in Paris. This institute was formed in order to unite efforts to enable better uses of health data for the benefit of learning health systems a

IT Outsourcing: The View From the Top

Black Book Market Research recently ‏released insightful figures on attitudes ‏toward IT outsourcing in healthcare. To ‏remain solvent and technologically advanced ‏Black Book said hospital executives realise ‏they need to “evaluate and leverage next ‏generation information and financial systems ‏as an outsourced service” (Black Book, 2015). ‏The company

Challenges of Preparing Students For Careers in the NHS, Five Year Forward View

England’s National Health Service (NHS) is facing significant challenges in finding and retaining senior resource. The average tenure of a trust CEO is just 2.5 years and almost one third of all trusts have at least one vacancy or an interim executive board member. So it’s safe to say the NHS isn’t ‘spoilt for choice’ when filling senior vacancies.

European Diagnostic Reference Levels for Paediatric Imaging, DRL, PiDRL, ESPR, EFRS, EFOMP, STUK, CRP-HT, CT, fluoroscopy, radiation

An update on the EC tender project PiDRL Despite a large number of studies available from European countries, the European DRLs for paediatric patients are only available for some common radiological examinations. There is a need to consolidate what is available and to provide guidance on what actions are needed in using DRLs to further enhance radiation protection of child

CT Diagnosis of Suspected Acute Aortic Syndrome, AAS, CT imaging, BSCI, BSCCT

Protocols For Timely And Accurate Assessment Acute aortic syndrome (AAS) is a life-threatening condition which requires urgent and immediate treatment. AAS can be diagnosed by using computed tomography (CT) imaging, but it is important that key protocols are followed in order to optimise scanning parameters. These recommendations, published b

ESGAR Consensus Statement on Liver MR Imaging, MRI, contrast agents

Clinical Use of Liver-Specific Contrast Agents The European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) formed a multinational European panel of experts, selected on the basis of a literature review and their leadership in the field of liver magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, to develop a consensus and provide updated recommendations on liver MR imaging and

Fatal Flaw In Breast Cancer Screening, dense breast, mammogram

Impact of Dense Breast Tissue On Reliability Of Mammograms The internet and social media have transformed our‏ lives. They have literally opened up a global connection ‏to those with similar interests and passions. In ‏my focused world of patient advocacy for breast health, ‏I meet innumerable women, fervent in their yearly breast ‏cancer screening, yet diagnosed

Prostate Self-care and Awareness, Europa Uomo, patient safety, prostatespecific ‏antigen (PSA) test

Men Lag Behind In an ideal world, there is no answer to the common question ‏of what we would recommend men of all ages to do ‏or change in their lifestyles to reduce the prospects of ‏prostate cancer. Unfortunately, we don’t know what causes ‏prostate cancer, but what we do know is that a healthy lifestyle ‏(equilibrated food and healthy exercise) is benefici

Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Management, PrECISE project, Movember, PSA test, TRUS-guided biopsy

Clinical Trial to Test If MRI Can Replace Current Standard of Care A team of scientists in Canada has secured funding for a ‏three-year Phase III clinical trial focused on improving ‏the way we biopsy for prostate cancer and whether ‏magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can replace the current ‏standard of care to diagnose prostate cancer.

Ultrasound Fights Cancer With Microbubbles, sonoporation, microbubbles, pancreatic cells

Sonoporation with Chemotherapy Increases Porosity of Pancreatic Cells Introduction By enhancing the ability of cells to absorb chemotherapeutics, ‏an ultrasound technique has nearly doubled the median ‏patient survival time from diagnosis in a phase I clinical trial. ‏During our research at Haukeland University Hospital in ‏Bergen, N


Radiology in Iran – Coming Out of Sanctions, PACS, imaging, ultrasound, mammography, dental imaging, Eurasian Radiology Initiative

An Overview The Iranian Society of Radiology (ISR ) is the largest in the ‏Middle East and Levant region, with the only other country ‏with more radiologists in this area being Turkey. Presently, ‏there are about 2,400 radiologists practicing in Iran – the ‏Iranian society was founded in 1966 and is now one the ‏largest and best


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Hospitalist,Writer and Professor & Interim Chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. What are your key areas of interest and research? I study complex health policy issues that have direct influence on clinical care. Ov

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Professor and Edith Clemmer Steinbright Chair of Gerontology What are your key areas of interest and research/assignment? The focus of my research is self-care, the behaviors that individuals use to maintain their health and

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