• Josep Manel Picas

    A health adviser at Catalan Health Service in Spain, over the years Dr Picas held various managerial posts at a number of public and private organisations. His current focus is on Health Care & Social Care information Systems and personal citizen data ownership.

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    Email —  ******@***gmail.com
    Medical Director PAMEM (Municipal Mutuality of the Barcelona City Council)
    Director Primary Care of Barcelona City
    CIO Hospital de St. Pau Barcelona
    Founder, Partner and Head of Research SalusCoop Barcelona, Spain

Featured in HealthManagement.org

  • Prof. Dr. Josep Manel Picas

    COVID-19 from the Perspective of Telemedicine

    • 08:00 PM, Jun 23

    A retired physician offers insights into COVID-19 telemedicine following a stint volunteering for a telephone support service for patients with the disease. After years of serving as a primary healthcare services manager in Barcelona and promoting the use of ICT, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to volunteer as a retired physician for a telephone support service...

  • Prof. Dr. Josep Manel Picas

    Hospital Readmissions and Machine Learning

    • 02:23 PM, Jul 01

    The need to improve the efficiency of the healthcare services has emerged over recent decades and, especially, during the last few years with the economic and financial crisis, developed countries have been suffering   The ageing population, the sector most affected by chronic diseases, is seeking better results when they need the healthcare services and, in particular, hospital services.  

  • Prof. Dr. Josep Manel Picas

    Big Data and Cognitive Computing at Point of Care

    • 01:15 AM, Oct 06

    The future of primary care in the global health approach Background and Trends Healthcare services have been under great pressure during recent years, especially when the economic and financial crisis put a remarkable emphasis on sustainability. It is generally accepted that developed countries’ economies are not going to grow until infinity and the capacity of the emergent economies to...


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