HealthManagement, Volume 20 - Issue 4, 2020


As COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the globe, spreading to new regions and threatening with resurgence in those already affected, healthcare professionals are working tirelessly to develop and implement effective strategies for patient treatment, organisational management and public health measures. They are also looking beyond the pandemic to anticipate not only the ‘new normal’ but a redesigned and improved healthcare system.

In this issue, we talk about COVID-19 Management strategies and the impact of the pandemic on healthcare. We highlight the most urgent issues health workers are facing, and present crisis management best practices that are being implemented in different countries.

Prof. Laura Oleaga, Prof. Geraldine McGinty, Prof. Stephen Baker, María Candamio and Robert Lavayssière reflect on the pandemic’s impact on radiology and the role radiologists have played and will continue to play during this battle.

Prof. Simona Ganassi looks into the challenges hospitals and healthcare infrastructures will be facing in the near future. Alanna Shaikh stresses that healthcare cannot afford such a pandemic again. Donna Prosser explains the three critical components for safe patient care highlighted by the crisis, while Keith Alverson outlines how COVID-19 is changing hospital waste management.

Juhan Lepassaar explains how the pandemic has made the need for effective cyber hygiene even more urgent. Diane Whitehouse and Tino Marti define a digital-first approach that adds value. Prof. Henrique Martins outlines a new, digital way of looking at healthcare while Wendy Dearing presents the previously obscure field of health informatics brought to the forefront by COVID-19. Sam Baker discusses how healthcare in the UK can maintain the digitalisation drive accelerated by the pandemic and Josep Picas offers insights into telemedicine as a volunteer for a COVID-19 telephone support service.

Professors Vedran Stefanovic and Asim Kurjak assess the impact of COVID-19 on women´s health and pregnancy care. JJ Coughlan and Cormac Mullins discuss some of the potential opportunities in delivering acute cardiac care during a pandemic, while Emma Sutcliffe reflects on the impact of pharma’s response to COVID-19.

During these troubling times, we hope this journal will give you guidance and greater insight into COVID-19 management across the globe. As always, we welcome your news and views and encourage you to share your COVID-19 stories with us.

Happy Reading!