Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine becomes first in the Netherlands with a 100% Agfa HealthCare Cloud-hosted image management system.

On April 10, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University went live with a completely new Enterprise Imaging environment, fully hosted in the Agfa HealthCare Cloud – the first in the Netherlands. After only a short implementation time, the veterinary hospital no longer has to deal with system management, while loading and displaying images is now faster than before.

Largest university animal hospital in Europe

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University runs the largest university animal hospital in Europe. Its missions are to provide specialist veterinary care, offer clinical training to veterinary students, and play a pioneering role in animal care and welfare research and innovation.

The hospital has relied on Agfa HealthCare image management systems since 2007, upgrading to Enterprise Imaging several years ago. When the contract was renewed, the decision was made to build a brand-new Enterprise Imaging environment in the Agfa HealthCare cloud.

Fast implementation and image access

A first in the Netherlands, the solution offers the veterinary faculty:

  • All new hardware for the Enterprise Imaging platform
  • 24/7 support for software and hardware
  • A redundant VPN connection across multiple providers
  • An infrastructure that can easily be expanded to a fully redundant design

The acceptance test for the new Enterprise Imaging environment was completed end-March, with the performance measurements showing even faster image access in the Cloud compared to the data center. Consequently, on 10 April 2021, the green light was given to go-live.

Good collaboration and a flexible solution

“Although our facility is smaller than most university hospitals for humans, our workflows can be very similar. Like them, we have many specialists who perform both patient care and research. In addition, there is a great need for sharing research information. In all these respects, the flexibility of the Enterprise Imaging solution fits our needs perfectly,” says staff at the veterinary faculty.

“We have always enjoyed good collaboration with Agfa Healthcare, and this project was no exception,” says the faculty’s project team. “The project ran smoothly, and we are very pleased with the solution and the possibilities it offers for the future.”

“The fact that the patients of this hospital are animals makes this a very special customer for Agfa HealthCare,” concludes Camiel Tromp of Agfa HealthCare Netherlands. “We are extremely proud that we were able to efficiently deploy our Enterprise Imaging platform in this environment – once again demonstrating its flexibility. Hosting the Enterprise Imaging solution in the Cloud enables even faster access to images, relieves the hospital staff of a number of tasks, and provides them with a service tailored to their needs today and in the longer term.”

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