Artificial Intelligence Powered by RUBEE™

Artificial Intelligence Powered by RUBEE™
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The use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms offers significant opportunities in radiology and medical imaging. However, to generate real productivity gains from the use of AI and to enhance the diagnostic process, it is important to embed these algorithms into the workflows and healthcare systems.


Nearly 75% of all clinical decisions are based on medical imaging. A large quantum of this imaging data is stored in a digital format. But often, this data is unutilised because of a lack of appropriate technologies to extract useful insights from it. This is where AI can play a role in helping healthcare enterprises use this data more effectively to increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and improve quality of care.


RUBEE™ for AI is an imaging visualisation package designed to improve reading efficiency and accuracy across a healthcare enterprise without any additional hardware. It visualises the metadata generated by algorithms and uses this information to automate and optimise workflows. Specifically, RUBEE™ for AI ensures:


  • Task assignments and case distribution are smoothly automated.
  • Hanging protocols get smart with dedicated reading protocols.
  • The process of report generation is automated by auto-including AI restyle into the reporting workflow.

The RUBEE™ for AI solution includes carefully curated packages to integrate AI seamlessly in clinical workflows. These packages include:


  • Breast AI Package that helps reduce 3D reading time, improves both 2D and 3D breast cancer detection accuracy, catches cancers earlier and enhances radiologist performance.
  • CT AI Lung Package that helps reduce missed nodules, enables processing of scans from a wide range of manufactures and acquisition protocols, supports non-contrast and contrast chest CT and reduces the burden of visual search and assessment by suppressing vascular structure.
  • Chest X-ray AI Visualization Package that helps improve nodule detection, reduces the time spent for visual search and assessment, automatically inserts images into the patient’s file for instant access and allows plug-in ability across all manufacturers and diverse imaging protocols.

RUBEE™ for AI offers innovative image enhancement technology that increases the clarity of chest x-rays by suppressing bone on digital images. It also uses advanced computer-aided detection technology that can identify areas on a chest x-ray that may be lung nodules to prevent oversight. Finally, RUBEE™ for AI identifies and highlights lines and tubes on portable chest x-ray images while maintaining the quality of the image.


Overall, RUBEE™ for AI can help healthcare organisations enrich the value of their Enterprise Imaging solution and get more out of their investments in AI.  


Source: Agfa HealthCare

Image Credit: Agfa HealthCare


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Published on : Tue, 13 Jul 2021

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