is always open to submissions on important topics related to management and leadership in healthcare, cardiology, radiology, hospital management, critical care, Health IT, women's health and clinical decision support. Submit your proposals today. 

Healthcare Digitalisation Pathways - Best practices, future of digitalisation, what have we done well, what can we do better, what future trends should we look out for etc. Submission deadline May 5.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - Opportunities, Capabilities and Limitations. Submission deadline May 5.

Patients and Big Data - How can Big Data help connect patients and clinicians; how can patients and clinicians better utilise this data, what should be International and regional regulations and benchmarks etc. Submission deadline June 5.

Healthcare workforce transformation - COVID-19 highlighted how shortages could affect healthcare; also how healthcare workers need better protection, improved skills and strategies to prevent burnout. How can these issues be addressed? Submission deadline July 30.

Cybersecurity and preventing cyberattacks - Healthcare data can often be at risk of ransomware and cyberattacks. How can patient privacy be protected, what best practices can ensure maximum security etc. Submission deadline October 5.

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