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2023 25 Sep

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2023 13 Jun

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2023 20 May

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2023 13 Nov

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2023 26 Apr

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2022 02 Aug proudly welcomes Stephen Lieber as our new Health IT Editor-in-Chief. He takes over the role of Prof Werner Leodolter, who was the Health IT Editor-in-Chief from February 2021 to July 2022.  Stephen Lieber is the Chief Analytics Officer at The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). CHIME is an executive...Read more

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2022 25 Jun

Professor Werner Leodolter, former CEO of the Styrian hospitals (KAGes) and the Editor-in-Chief of IT at, passed away in a tragic car accident in Iceland. His wife, Andrea Leodolter, Vice President of the Styrian Red Cross, has survived and is currently being treated in a hospital in Iceland. The accident happened Thursday afternoon...Read more

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2022 12 Sep

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2022 01 Feb is always open to submissions on important topics related to management and leadership in healthcare, cardiology, radiology, hospital management, critical care, Health IT, women's health and clinical decision support. Submit your proposals today.  Healthcare Digitalisation Pathways  - Best practices, future of digitalisation,...Read more

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2022 14 Jun

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2022 07 May

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2021 20 May

There is no end to the number of applications available for smartphones, tablets and other digital devices.   In recent years, wearable devices have also come onto the market, and are increasingly popular. These devices track personal health data, with the generalised goal of improving consumer behaviours related to health and wellbeing.  Emerging...Read more

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2021 15 May

The goal of efficiently fabricating full-sized replacement human organs and tissues for use in transplant surgeries is one step closer to fruition. A team of researchers from the University of Buffalo have developed 3D-printing technology that is able to recreate life-sized organs and limbs such as a human hand in less than 20 minutes. Engineers...Read more

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2021 26 May

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2021 15 Feb

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2021 18 Mar

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2020 04 Nov

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has published its 2020-2025 Federal Health IT Strategic Plan , which focusses on individuals’ access to their electronic health information.   You might also like: FDA Focusses on Digital Health with New Centre of Excellence   According to Donald W. Rucker, MD, National...Read more

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2020 22 Oct

A new research identifies three technology areas that healthcare leaders see as the most important now and in the nearest future.   You might also like: A Snapshot of Imaging Technology: Exciting Developments and When to Expect Them   Center for Connected Medicine and KLAS Research have released their Top of Mind for...Read more

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2020 03 Aug

COVID-19 has affected  15 million people  across the globe, and meanwhile, over 600,000 deaths are associated with it. Even my father, having some pre-conditions, passed away because of it. The healthcare systems and economies of more than 200 countries have been severely affected, also impacting healthcare workers both physically and psychologically....Read more

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2021 07 Jun

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2020 15 Apr

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2020 29 Jan

Summary: An HIT expert gives his view on how healthcare can be revamped by harnessing technology for existing care modalities rather than overhauling the entire system. I think the next few years will be characterised by a much better exploitation of systems that are used routinely in the care system. My impression is that we have a lot of...Read more

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2019 13 Nov

A new report looking into the development and use of emerging technologies, notably artificial intelligence (AI), for healthcare has revealed concerns among some clinicians as to the real reason behind tech adoption. Within the NHS, the adoption of AI and other data-driven technologies is largely based on a “political or commercial imperative”...Read more

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2020 09 Mar

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2019 26 Aug

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2019 21 Aug

David Hancock, the healthcare executive advisor at InterSystems, was recently elected vendor co-chair of INTEROPen , a UK collaboration that promotes open standards for interoperability in the health and care sector. spoke to David about why he wants INTEROPen to be vendor-led and how this approach will help both suppliers and...Read more

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2020 31 May

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2022 18 May

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