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When the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) convened in Barcelona on 30 August 2014, one of the recipients of its prestigious Gold Medal awards was Sir Rory Collins. Collins, a Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at Oxford University since 1996 and a director of the university’s Clinical Trial Service Unit (CTSU) since 1985, has dedicated his career... Read more

Joel J. Nobel’s career as a physician and patient safety advocate “made hospitals a safer place for everybody,” according to Anthony J. Montagnolo, the chief operating officer of the Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI). Dr. Nobel founded the institute in 1968, committed to evaluating the safety and reliability of medical equipment.  Dr. Nobel... Read more

Michael Glikson, MD is the Director of the Davidai Arrhythmia Center in Tel Hashomer, Israel, operating under the auspices of Chaim Sheba Medical Center’s Heart Treatment and Research Center. Prof. Glikson established the institute in 2010 after leading Sheba Medical Center’s electrophysiology (EP) and pacing unit since 2002. The centre is the largest... Read more

Angela Kennedy is the President and Board Chair of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Dr. Kennedy has been serving in this role since June 2013, after the passing of President/Chair Kathleen Frawley. AHIMA is a preeminent non-profit association for health information management (HIM) professionals who protect the accuracy... Read more

David Koff, MD, FRPC, is Radiologist-in-Chief, Department of Diagnostic Imaging, Hamilton Health Sciences, Ontario, Canada; Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Radiology, McMaster University; Founder and Director, Medical Imaging Informatics Research Centre, McMaster University; Co-founder of RealTime Medical. We put our seven questions to... Read more

Dr. Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun is the Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO). She has previously served as Director of Health in the Hong Kong Government, representative of the WHO Director-General for Pandemic Influenza and WHO Assistant Director-General for Communicable Diseases. As of 2014, Forbes has ranked Dr. Chan as the 30th... Read more

Professor Keith Fox is a Professor of Cardiology at the University of Edinburgh and Head of Medical and Radiological Sciences and Consultant Cardiologist in the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. He was previously the Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Cardiology at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, USA and Senior Lecturer in... Read more

Prof. Todd Dorman's extensive background in critical care and association leadership makes him a valued member of the Editorial Board of ICU Management. At Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine he holds the positions of Senior Associate Dean for Education Coordination; Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education (CME); Professor and Vice Chair... Read more

Nancy Brown is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Heart Association (AHA), the oldest and largest voluntary health organisation dedicated to building healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke.  Brown is the first woman CEO in the history of AHA. She has been holding this position since 2009. Brown has a Bachelor of Science degree in... Read more

David W. Bates MD, MSc, has been serving as Senior Vice President for Quality and Safety and Chief Quality Officer for both BWH and the Brigham and Women’s Physicians Organisation since July 2011. A graduate of Stanford University (BS Chem) and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, he began his fellowship in general internal medicine at BWH in 1988.... Read more

A background in nursing and engineering bring a unique perspective to the subject of our Zoom On.  Patricia Flatley Brennan is Lillian L. Moehlman Bascom Professor, School of Nursing and College of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison and National Program Director, Project HealthDesign,  a project to explore the power and potential of personal... Read more

Disparities in healthcare are a key concern of Michael Mansour, MD, FACC, who began his term as Chair of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) Board of Governors and secretary of the Board of Trustees in March. Speaking at the ACC’s Annual Scientific Session, Mansour said, “The ACC is engaged on a daily basis with a wide range of issues to ensure... Read more

Mr Nikolaus Koller, MAS, MBA, who graduated in Hospital Business Administration, is the Hospital Manager of the State Hospital of Bruck/Mur and President, Federal Conference of the Austrian Hospital Managers, and a member of the EAHM Executive Committee. In 2012 the coordination of the Health Care System of Styria was split into three separate regions.... Read more

HealthManagement Editorial Board member, Professor Henrik S. Thomsen, is a leading light in urogenital radiology. He hails from Denmark, where he is professor of radiology at the University of Copenhagen and a consultant radiologist at Copenhagen University Hospital at Herlev. We put  our seven questions to Prof. Thomsen: 1. What are your key areas... Read more

Part of the editorial board of Healthcare IT Management ever since its inception in 2005, Diane Whitehouse continues to enrich the quality of our publication with her valuable contribution. Her career has covered the domains of action research, civic and human rights, publishing, and academia. Diane has degrees in European Studies (political science)... Read more

Our Zoom On visits Denmark next, to feature Professor Lars Lönn, Consultant Interventional Radiologist and Professor of Vascular Surgery at the National Hospital in Copenhagen. Professor Lönn is a valued member of HealthManagement's Editorial Board.We asked Professor Lönn our seven questions:1. What are your key areas of interest and research? Endvoascular... Read more

Rinaldo Bellomo, MBBS, MD, FCICM, FRACP is Professor of Medicine with the University of Melbourne, Honorary Professor of Medicine with Monash University, Honorary Professor of Medicine with the University of Sydney and Concurrent Professor with the University of Nanjing, NHRMC Practitioner Fellow, Principal Research Fellow, Howard Florey Institute, University... Read more

A valuable editorial board member of HealthManagement’s Imaging sector, Alberto Cuocolo is full professor of Diagnostic Imaging at the Department of Advanced Biomedical Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II, director of the Specialization School in Nuclear Medicine, and director of the Nuclear Medicine and Sport Medicine Unit of the University... Read more

When Steve Lieber joined HIMSS as President and CEO in 2000, he brought over 30 years of extensive experience in healthcare to the global organisation.Overseeing HIMSS WorldWide, a group that includes the global, cause-based membership societies HIMSS and HIMSS International, market research and data services group HIMSS Analytics, and HIMSS Media,... Read more

John H. Noseworthy, MD, is president and chief executive officer of Mayo Clinic, a not-for-profit organisation operating in six American states that is dedicated to medical care, research and education. He obtained his MD degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Dr. Noseworthy completed his neurology training at Dalhousie University... Read more

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