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electronic Poor Outcome Screening (ePOS) Score

2022 21 Mar

The number of elderly and multimorbid patients admitted to the ICU continues to increase. These patients are at a high risk of dying and are likely to suffer from poor long-term outcomes such as functional and cognitive impairment, psychological distress and 6-month mortality. In addition, these patients have complex palliative care needs and could... Read more

The Getinge OR Days - Creating Value in Healthcare

2022 30 Mar

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Physical Rehabilitation in the ICU

2022 01 Mar

Approximately 65% of patients who survive critical illness suffer clinically detectable weakness due to muscle mass loss, myopathy and polyneuropathy. These changes occur early in ICU admission and are associated with prolonged weaning from mechanical ventilation and increased ICU and hospital length of stay. Clinical weakness is also associated with... Read more

Doing More Can Be Worse: Ten Common Errors in the ICU

2022 17 Feb

Some of the most common interventions in the ICU can be associated with poor results. We present ten situations in which doing less is better for the critically ill patient. Introduction For decades, the focus of patient management in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been to perform a large number of interventions in critically ill patients,... Read more

Processes to Reduce Medication Errors in the ICU

2022 17 Feb

Medication errors are common in the complex environment of the ICU. This article provides an overview of the prevalence and impact of these errors and the processes that could help reduce their incidence. Introduction Medicines are the most widely used intervention in the critical care environment, and errors in medication use are a well-established... Read more

Monitoring Postoperative Hypotension – A Futuristic Look at Patient Safety

2022 17 Feb

Post-operative hypotension is a frequent occurrence that is unrecognised with intermittent spot checks based monitoring in most hospital ward patients. Myocardial injury is strongly associated with hypotension in this period of recovery from surgery. Upgrading ward monitoring to portable, smart, and continuous systems with effective alarm management... Read more

Nurse-Driven Initiatives Impact Patient Safety

2022 17 Feb

This article highlights the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on patient quality and safety and discusses an academy designed to support nurses to design and implement innovative solutions. Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the crisis of patient safety with an increase in hospital-acquired conditions (HACs) after more than... Read more