Company Profile tic Medizintechnik tic thinks med tic Medizintechnik was founded in the year 1999 as a start-up company and quickly grew to a middle-sized business, which is very successful today world-wide as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of electrotherapy, biofeedback and diagnosis systems. The first overseas branch was established in Austria in 2006, and more are being planned. In order to permanently meet the requirements of the technical developments we have improved our products over the years and carefully extended our portfolio. Today it is sub-divided into the following subject areas: functional diagnostics, incontinence therapy, rehabilitation and impotence therapy . In specialist circles, such as clinics, practices, therapy and rehabilitation centres as well as in the homecare sector our products are being used successfully. Not to be forgotten is our first consumer brand. The SaneoLINE includes three consumer-friendly electrostimulation machines; SaneoTENS pain relief, SaneoVITAL massage and SaneoSPORT muscle training , which are specially designed for the requirements of the different target groups. The quality advantage which we offer is decisive. Our quality management system, established according to DIN EN ISO 13485, guarantees our clients a perfect product every time. It is our standard, always to be one touch better than the competition, never to stand still and thereby to permanently maintain a quality advantage. Constant thinking along the same lines as the medical professional, the cost-bearer and in particular the patient is our promise to our clients. During the development of our electromedical home therapy systems, for the treatment of incontinence, pain or motor function problems, what was of most importance to us was: concentration on the patient! Our products are easy to understand and use, simplifying the daily tasks of the patient as far as possible and providing with the security of being optimally provided for. For the medical professional we offer highly innovative urological diagnosis systems that in fact partly combine diagnostic and therapy. Here we see it our duty to ensure maximum user-friendliness and the intuitive operation of the systems for the doctor and his helpers. The uncomplicated integration into the daily working routine and the in-house computer system is at the same time indispensible. A comprehensive service for the physician and patient in the form of permanent personal support establishes trust. In this way we would like to continue the professional relationship with our clients in the future and further continue thinking and acting with them in mind - because tic thinks med!