Prosurg Inc. located in Silicon Valley, California designs, manufactures, and markets single use medical devices for management of Urological and Gynecological disorders. These products are based on safe and proven R.F. and injection based technology platform to provide cost effective solution for physicians, patients, and health care providers. Prosurg, Inc. currently markets a full line of Resection, Coagulation & Electrovaporization electrodes for BPH/TURP prostate surgery, and Bladder tumor resection, Uterine fibroid resection & Endometrial Ablation treatment and are compatible with commercially available R.F. Generators and Endoscopic surgical instrumentation commonly used by physicians. This family of products are available through distributor network and OEM alliance on a worldwide basis.

Prosurg, Inc is also dedicated to develop, manufacture and market innovative products based on the state of the art injection technology for treatment of Urological, Uro-Gynecological & Gynecological diseases and disorders. Recently, Prosurg has introduced family of New Products based on injection technology platform, including Injectx, Injectx Flex, GelTx, GelTx Flex, GelTx - RF NeoScope, LaserTx, XScape & others.

Prosurg inc also manufactures and markets full line of Laser fiber optic delivery systems, Diode Laser systems, Imaging Systems and Stone retrieval Nitinol Basket products. Prosurg inc is committed to provide cost effective treatment options for men's and women's health.

Prosurg Inc. has developed a customer base of over three hundred hospitals all over the world. The driving force behind the ever increasing product acceptance is based on continuous innovation and product quality improvements. Prosurg market position is strengthen by it's narrow and tight focus in offering innovative single use products.

Prosurg Inc. strategy is to market universally compatible single use products while minimizing additional expense of new the capital intensive equipments, allowing a cost effective solution to patient, physician and health care providers. All of the Prosurg Inc's products are manufactured at its San Jose CA facility, that is fully certified and in compliance with FDA, CE Mark and ISO Standards and Regulations.