Ureteral stent PASSAGE™ ProSurg

Ureteral stent PASSAGE™ ProSurg

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Passage™– Family of Novel, flexible Ureteral Stents with flexible metallic coil. The family of Ureteral Stents, consists of single use, flexible, metallic coil with spiral winding configurations. The spiral windings along the tubular, coil structure are designed to make the stent more flexible, while maintaining the radial compression strength. The tubular coil stent with central lumen, can maintain the obstructed ureteral lumen patent and allow urinary flow. The Passage™ ureteral stent is also configured with flexible, curved proximal and distal ends with pig tail, shape to prevent potential stent migration during indwelling. The Passage ureteral stent with metallic coil provides excellent radiopacity and lubricity during implantation procedure. The Passage ™ – Ureteral Stents are available as a sterile, single use device or as a sterile, single use Procedure Set, consisting of (1ea) Ureteral Stent (1ea) Guidewire (1ea) and Pusher catheter ( 1ea). The Ureteral stents are available in various sizes, Diameter- 4.6 Fr, 6 Fr, 7 Fr & 8 Fr, Length - 14cm, 16cm,18cm, 20 cm, 22cm, 24cm, 26cm, 28cm & 30cm . The Guide wires are available in size, 0.035” / 0.038” diameter & 100 cm long. The Pusher catheters are available in sizes, 6.0.Fr, 7.0Fr 8.0Fr, 9.0Fr and 45cm long.
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